Be Bald and Be Free Day History, Celebration

Every year, 14 October is observed as Be Bald and Be Free Day. The day gives us a message that you have no need to cover your head with artificial hair or a turban. It’s time to see who you are. See how you look without hair on this celebration day. Bald Freedom Day is a celebration of the beauty of bald heads and people with bald heads.

History of Be Bald and Be Free Day

Shaved heads and beards started much earlier than people thought. Early humans in the Stone Age used sharp clamshells and tweezers to shave or pull out their hair. In ancient Rome and Egypt, due to the extremely hot climate, shaved heads were common among priests and civilians. It is said that the Egyptians have developed shaving tools made of gold and copper.

In the late 1950s, shaved heads became a trend. Bald men are considered more masculine, confident, tough, and disciplined. Many actors, politicians, musicians, and sports stars have adopted the bald look. In the 1990s, the shaved head style reached its peak, and Michael Jordan, Evand Holyfield, Bruce Willis, and others further popularized this trend.

As people who fight cancer lose their hair due to radiotherapy and chemotherapy, people start to shave their heads to show support for people who fight cancer or fund-raising activities. Alopecia areata, referred to as male pattern baldness for short, can cause male hairline regression and irreversible baldness, as well as male body deformities and poor self-image. In order to encourage men and improve their self-esteem, many campaigns have been organized, the main motto of which is to show men that baldness is not something they should be ashamed of. In fact, men with shaved heads look more attractive and confident.

One of the events is Bald and Freedom Day, initiated by Thomas Roy and Ruth Roy, founders of Wellcat Herbs. Although we don’t know when this day was first celebrated, Bald and Freedom Day encouraged many men and women to shave their heads and be proud of their looks.

Be Bald and Be Free Day
Be Bald and Be Free Day image

Celebration of Be Bald and Be Free Day

Shaved head

This will be the most obvious but best way to celebrate this day. If you have never tried this style, go shave your head! If you are already a bald person, please use the hashtag #BeBaldBeFree to take a few photos of yourself.

Organize fundraising activities

Millions of people lose their hair when undergoing cancer or other medical treatments. By shaved heads and asking people to donate to this cause, show them some love and support.

Host a webinar

There are still many people who are ashamed of losing their hair and baldness. You can organize events or webinars to help people realize that they have no reason to feel insecure. Let them understand that people with shaved heads are considered very attractive and desirable, and ultimately, it is character rather than appearance that matters.

Be Bald and Be Free Day Photo
Be Bald and Be Free Day Photo

Advantage and Benefit of Being Bald

Low cancer risk

A lot of research has been conducted, and it is still continuing to study whether baldness is related to cancer. Jonathan L. Wright, a co-author of such a study, confirmed that male pattern baldness under 30 years of age can reduce the risk of prostate cancer by 29%. He further added that the longer you are bald, the more you will be protected from cancer.

Reduce stress

Mental stress is one of the main causes of hair loss and baldness. But at the same time, if you live a bald life by having a bald head, then you will get rid of a lot of stress.

Effective metabolism

People with bald heads have higher testosterone levels than those with hair on their heads. Ultimately, high levels of testosterone in men will have a positive metabolic impact on their health. Testosterone promotes metabolism, so that they have a good body shape and a masculine body.

It won’t overheat in summer

When you have hair on your head, it will become more sweaty and greasy in summer. But bald people don’t experience this embarrassment. In addition, the thick hair on the head also increases the summer heat, which directly affects the head. On the other hand, a bald person wearing a hat can easily and effectively escape the heat and protect the head from the summer heat.

Save time and money

According to, the average American spent on hair in 2022 was $78.7. In 2018, the global hairdressing products market was 8.790 billion U.S. dollars and will grow to 105.14 U.S. dollars in 2025. The study further stated that there are hundreds of hairdressing products, but the most used products are shampoos, essences, conditioners, sprays, colorants, etc.

Baldness can lead to better business transactions

Bald people look more mature, trustworthy, and efficient. Similarly, baldness will produce more facial hair and a masculine beard. In addition, it has been seen that bald men are more suitable for leadership than those with hair. In the end, bald people are more successful in business than others.

Attract attention

There are fewer people who are completely bald or shaved than those who have hair. Therefore, bald people are the same and attract attention in the crowd or groups. This will ultimately help them grow professionally and achieve success.

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