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Gingerbread House Day 2022: History, Activities

Making gingerbread houses is a popular Christmas activity among families, whether they are doing it with parents, grandparents, or even both! But for as long as anyone can remember, these delectable, ornamental bread houses have always been a part of the holiday season. From where did they originate? Who thought up the idea? We must investigate the origins of Gingerbread House Day in order to get the answers to those questions.

When is Gingerbread House Day

On December 12, many people around the nation honor a family tradition by celebrating Gingerbread House Day.

Gingerbread House Day History

Ginger has been used as a flavoring for dishes and beverages from ancient times, according to food historians. When returning crusaders brought the tradition of spiciness in bread from the Middle East, it is thought that gingerbread was first produced in Europe at the end of the 11th century. In addition to being tasty, ginger also has qualities that helped keep the bread fresh.
According to a French tradition, Gregory of Nicopolis, an Armenian monk who eventually became a saint, introduced gingerbread to Europe around 992 A.D. (Gregory Makar). The first gingerbread figures appeared in the fifteenth century, while human-shaped cookies were first made in the sixteenth.
Professional baker guilds were formed from gingerbread bakers. Gingerbread bakers were a unique subset of the bakers’ guild in various European nations. baking gingerbread became popular.

Germans introduced the custom of decorating gingerbread houses in the early 1800s. According to some scholars, the popular Grimm fairy tale Hansel and Gretel was the inspiration for the first gingerbread houses. In some parts of Europe today, the tradition is still practiced. Before Christmas, Germany’s Christmas markets continue to offer gingerbread that has been decorated. The German words for a gingerbread home are lebkuchenhaus or pfefferkuchenhaus.

Over the years, some fairly important dates have occurred in the gingerbread world. The Gingerbread Man fable, which ends with the line “Run, run, run as fast as you can, you can’t catch me, I’m the gingerbread man,” is undoubtedly familiar to you. This was published in 1875, I suppose. At the time, it was a part of the May issue of St. Nicholas Magazine.
But one of the most important dates in the history of gingerbread buildings was in 2015. At this time, the largest gingerbread home in history was built. The gingerbread house was a massive 2,520 square feet in size. This is roughly equivalent to the size of a standard tennis court, to put things in perspective. It grew to a height of 21 feet. 

Gingerbread House Day Activities

Take the family shopping to purchase the items needed to make a gingerbread house in honor of Gingerbread House Day. Then, let the family’s youngest members choose the accessories they want to add to the gingerbread house. Choose the decorations you want to add to the house and then do so.

On this day, many individuals participate in gingerbread home competitions. This is undoubtedly a pleasant way to spend the occasion if you know the rivalry won’t get bitter. You can set up a station with lots of different decorations and gingerbread pieces. Have fun making your own gingerbread houses, and then cast your votes for the best one in secret. After that, you can prepare a reward for the one who finishes first. Maybe some more gingerbread?
Additionally, be sure to stock up on plenty of festively themed drinks and snacks! Someone might be tempted to consume the entire batch of gingerbread if you don’t. Online, there are several fantastic gingerbread latte recipes.



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