Happy Mid Autumn Festival 2024: Wishes, Quotes, Greetings

Festivals always come up with immense joy. Each festival has its own way of celebrating. It differs respective of culture and region. Mid Autumn Festival is one of the most popular festivals in China. Do you hear about Mid Autumn Festival or Moon Festival? How that’s celebrated? Significance of the most popular festival in China or other countries? If you don’t know, nothing to worry this article will let you know. Let’s figure out more about Mid Autumn Day. 

Happy Mid Autumn Festival

The festival, which is primarily observed in Chinese and Vietnamese communities, is also known as the Moon Festival and the Harvest Moon Festival. There is no set date for the Moon Festival on the calendar. The festival traditionally falls on a full moon day on the 15th day of the eighth lunar month. The Autumn Festivals are due to start on September 10 this year (2022).

Happy Mid Autumn Festival History 

Most scholars agree that the Mid-autumn Festival first appeared during the Song dynasty and was derived from the custom of worshipping the moon. The festival began 2,000 years ago as a post-autumn harvest celebration dedicated to thanking the gods. It was during the reign of Emperor Tai (Northern Song dynasty) that the 15th day of the eighth month was designated as mid-day. autumn’s Legends related to the full moon became attached to this festival.

The story of Chang-E, also known as the Moon Lady, and her husband Hou Yi is associated with the Mid-autumn Festival which is most well-known among Chinese people. According to history, this myth goes back to the Tang dynasty (618–907 CE) and even to the reign of Emperor Yao (2346 BCE). The moon rabbit tale is a favoured one for the Mid-autumn Festival.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Activities

The primary purpose of the Mid Autumn Festival is to provide families with an opportunity to get together. The consumption of mooncakes is one of the most popular ways to celebrate (Or Banh Trung Thu in Vietnamese).

According to the Mid-Autumn Festival’s history, enjoying the full moon and eating mooncakes are the festival’s principal pastimes. Due to the size and population of China, the event is frequently observed in a variety of ways, each of which has a robust local flavour.

The Mid-Autumn Festival, which occurs when “people and the moon reunite to make a full circle,” is now a significant family reunion.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Wishes

Autumn is when you can view the moon at its roundest. It’s time for get-togethers. I pray you to have a lovely life and a joyful Mid-Autumn Day.

Twinkle and shine, bright moon and stars. I’d like to wish you a joyous Mid-Autumn Festival that is filled with enjoyment.

I hope your life is as perfect as the fullest moon on Mid-Autumn Day.

The moon is shining, and the moon cake is delicious. I hope you have a wonderful and secure Mid-Autumn Festival.

This festival brings you six warm wishes: a very happy life, a very successful career, a very cosy relationship, a very contented family, a very kind group of friends, and of course, my concern.

I wish you a happy Mid-Autumn Festival and a lifetime of the best possible circumstances.

The Mid-Autumn Festival is now starting, with prayers for the moon’s blessings, real friendship, and enduring friendship. I genuinely hope that you will make the most of your luck and good fortune in the next few years.

Mid-Autumn Festival, I prepare the sweet and delectable filling, health and happiness into the skin, and then wrapped in thoughts and blessings, before giving you this heart-shaped moon cake. May you love a sweet life, healthy life, and happiness!

May the shining moon shine over you on all your travels, and may pure joy be with you at all times.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Quotes

May this festival of harvest bring eternal joy and happiness to our lives….. Sending warm wishes for Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

When the moon is a perfect round, when it is mid of autumn, it calls for celebration with hopes for happier days ahead…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

May each and every day of your life is as happy and as bright as the Mid-Autumn Moon Festival…. Best wishes on this special occasion!!!

It is time to thank God for a good harvest and seek his blessings for another prosperous year…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Let us raise a toast for a happy and healthy future….. Wishing you a very blessed Mid Autumn Day!!!

Wishing you a perfect life, just like the perfectly round shape of the moon in the Mid Autumn Moon Festival.

Happy Mid-Autumn Day!!!! May you are blessed with success in your future ventures.

May your professional and personal life are blessed with moments of joy and happiness…. Happy Mid-Autumn Moon Festival.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival Greetings

We tend to greet people on happy occasions or festivals. The happy mid-autumn day is no exception to that. So convey your lovely greetings to your friends, families and close ones.

Happy Mid Autumn Festival from ours to yours. On this happy occasion, I pray for your good health and happiness all year round. 

Hope the moon conveys my heartiest love and affection to you. May you have all the things you desire today!

Happy Mid Autumn Festival offers you to feel nature more than a usual day. Hope this occasion brings you much laughter and joy.

The Happy Mid Autumn Festival is celebrated with immense love and enthusiasm. On this happy occasion, convey best wishes to others. Irrespective of culture, the region spread the celebration of this day all over Bangladesh. Let others know more about this fantastic festival. Mark your date and live the fullest on this day.


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