How to Get Soru in Fruit Battlegrounds?

Fruit Battlegrounds is a unique Roblox experience where users may engage in combat using their anime fantasies. Yet, by harnessing the fruit’s power, players may open up and employ a variety of unique fighting techniques as they take on both other players and monsters. But, you can request Soru as a part of your abilities if you want to boost your capabilities. Here’s how to obtain Soru in Fruit Battlegrounds as well.

You will require everything to transport Soru to the Fruit Battlefield

When you equip Soru, a unique kind of Rokushiki, in Fruit Battleground, it takes the place of your dash. Yet it also significantly raises your leap height and speed while temporarily making you invisible. If obtaining that skill appeals to you, you should pay close attention to the instructions in this tutorial. Despite the fact that there are some requirements before you can begin.

In Fruit Battlegrounds, how can I get Soru?

But you need to embark on a little journey in order to obtain Soru. The next step is to speak with an NPC hidden in a cavern. Then proceed to Dressrosa’s woodland and find the Macro’s spawn there. But, there is a hidden cave behind that hill that must first be hit before being broken. However this hidden cave may be found by striking the appropriate wall.

After you speak to the NPC inside, you’ll be told to look for a book at this location. You will learn Soru from the aforementioned book, but you must first discover it. In the village of Dressrosa, there is a statue of Doflamingo, and close to this statue is a bridge. You search for your book next to the bridge and then open it up to read it and pick up new talents. Nonetheless, make sure it is outfitted.

Fruit Battlegrounds’ Soru Obtaining Conditions

Your dash is replaced in Fruit Battlegrounds by a Rokushiki called as Soru. You accelerate more quickly, jump higher, and briefly disappear. If learning this talent sounds like something you’d be interested in, you should utilize this guide to do so. But there are a few requirements before you even begin.

To get to Soru, you must go out on a little excursion. First, talk to an NPC that may be discovered in a secret cave. Make your way to the Forest of Dressrosa, where Macro spawns. At the foot of the mountain, there is a secret tunnel that must first be hit and destroyed. Hitting the appropriate wall will reveal the secret cave.

After discovering Marco’s boss in Fruit Battlegrounds, you must battle him three times. In the game, defeating Marco’s monster is one need to gain Soru fruit.

How do I obtain more pet Rift codes?

The Pet Rift team regularly updates the game’s code for players as the game’s popularity rises. Also, they issue a new code, particularly for significant events like the game’s initial launch or when the game reaches a milestone on Roblox’s website. Nonetheless, they maintain a rolling list of fresh and forthcoming codes for the game’s official Twitter account as well as its Roblox website.

Why aren’t the Rift codes for my pet working?

A code’s expiration date is the most evident cause of its failure. Nevertheless, after you have level 100 in Fruit Battlefield, you must locate a huge tree and demolish the wall there.


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