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How to Make Christmas Tree Taller & bigger

Both artificial and natural Christmas trees can be decorated in a variety of original ways. No matter how small, you can give your Christmas tree the height it needs to say precisely what you want it to. How do you make a Christmas tree taller? Here is a simple trick and step-by-step guide to accomplish it on a budget!

How to Heighten Your Christmas Tree

Building an elevated stand may make your Christmas tree appear taller. A homemade Christmas tree box stand raises the tree by at least a foot! Compared to one that is directly on the ground, a tree that is elevated appears larger.

Indeed, this stand isn’t beautiful. However, it is simple and affordable to construct from plywood, making it simple to lift your Christmas tree. We had always gotten tall, imposing trees, which were all quite lovely. We enjoy decorating tall Christmas trees with various themes and simple decorating tricks.

If you have imagination, there is always a solution. The strategies listed below can help you make your Christmas tree taller.

Stands for Christmas Trees

Natural Christmas trees need stands bolted together and a place to store water. The height and diameter of the tree’s trunk should be used to determine the frames. If you usually buy a tall Christmas tree, choose deep frames with gripping mechanisms that are high for the most stability. You might not be pleased if a Christmas tree needs to be elevated, but these typically provide enough height.

Many artificial Christmas trees come with stands of their own, although these may not be tall enough. Take measures first if you are unsure whether or not you will need a Christmas tree stand lift because it will be difficult to remove the live tree or disassemble the fake tree. Before assembling the tree, use a standing tape measure to gauge its final height.

large Christmas tree
Senior woman decorating a large Christmas tree at home

How to construct a raised Christmas tree stand:

  • To begin, cut a piece of plywood into a square about six inches wider than your tree holder.
  • Cut two plywood strips that are 12′′ wide for the top’s two long sides.
  • Make two additional 12′′ wide plywood strips the length of the sides, but deduct twice the thickness of your plywood.
  • Screw the two larger strips to the top first, then screw the two shorter strips together to make a box.
  • To secure the sides to one another, use screws.
  • Add screws to the top of your plastic Christmas tree stand.

Utilize Storage Crates

You must collect “bins,” which are crate-like containers. Just be sure that the bins you purchase can support the weight of your tree. That is crucial. You must first make space in the living room corner. After the area has been cleaned and cleared, stack the bins upside-down to create a large, square stage. Next, bind the boxes together using zip ties to prevent them from moving around too much by creating a large zip tie by joining three zip ties together.

You may now build a flat surface by placing a large wooden board, two large poster boards, and your platform on top of each other. The next step is to cover everything with an old white tablecloth and tuck it under the corners. Your tree now has a clean slate, thanks to this. Once you’ve got your tree, you may lay any color tree skirt on this level, and it will primarily hide the tablecloth there. Ensure you always tie the tree to the base before placing it on top to prevent it from toppling over.

So you can now buy a 5-foot tree and have it appear over 6 feet tall. You can set up your presents, which look so lovely, all around the base of the stage. Additionally, you may use this fantastic Christmas tree hack to obtain a light enough tree and make it appear large, tall, and heavy while it is light, short, and easy to get rid of when no longer required.

The Use of a Patio Table

Bring one of your patio tables inside, then set your tree on top of it. Please take two 6-foot Christmas garlands. After that, you must fasten the garland to your tree’s lower branches. Next, start at one end of the garland and tie it to the lowest branch in the back. Then, hang the garland until it is the length you want, and tie it to the next branch.

One stem from the branch and one stem from the garland should be twisted together to attach the garland to the tree. Once all of the lower branches are attached to the garland, keep attaching and draping. After that, puff up the garland to cover all the spaces. To close the distance, fingers are twisted together. This is what we consider to be a good substitute for buying a tree to fit your space.

FAQ about Christmas Tree

How Do You Enlarge a 6-Foot Christmas Tree?

To give the appearance of more fullness, get large ornaments from the Dollar Tree or 99 Cent Store and hang them farther from the tips of the trees. Then, top it off over the tree’s tip to give it the appearance of being higher.

How Can I Raise My Christmas Tree by Placing It on Something?

To make your tree appear taller, use a big crate. Whatever is wide enough to support your tree will work. Even better, we’ve seen people put tree collars around their trees and fill them with books or boxes to help the tree. It won’t matter to anyone!

How May a Christmas Tree Void Be Filled?

Use floral fillers to fill in the spaces between the branches of your tree, such as DIY nosegays, leaf bunches, or sprays of silk flowers. Make enough of these fillers to fill an 8-foot tree, which should be at least 24.

How Can You Prevent a Christmas Tree From Growing?

Where there are many new branches coming out of the main stem, cut the tree’s top back to about 2 inches. Use pruning shears to remove the leader if it has a tiny diameter. A handsaw works better for diameters up to 1-1/2 inches. Make a 45-degree cut.

Should You Place Your Christmas Tree in Water?

When you’re indoors, set your tree in a stable stand that can accommodate at least one gallon of water. Water your Christmas tree on a regular basis as well. If you don’t, the tree might get resin, which would make it unable to take in water and cause it to dry out too quickly.

Last Word

  • Generally speaking, to accommodate a tree topper, the height of the tree should be at least 6″ lower than the height of the ceiling. A 7-7.5′ tall tree would be suitable for a space with a typical 8′ ceiling.
  • Consider making your Christmas tree taller to fit in your space and spend less money on trees. Use the aforementioned suggestions to make your Christmas tree appear taller and more gorgeous.

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