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Martin Luther King Jr Day 2024: Birthday, Facts, Death Cause

Martin Luther King Jr day is a very special day when every country pays respect to the legend himself. He was one of the most influential characters in the history of mankind. And on that day, everybody gets to appreciate his work and sacrifice for people.

Let’s check out some facts about Martin Luther King Jr. that you might not know below.

Who Was Martin Luther King Jr

Martin Luther King Jr. was a revolutionary man with a dream. And his dream helped to shape the reality of today’s world.

Before him, the world was filled with the curse of color discrimination and racism. He helped to take out color discrimination and made it easier for everyone to live in the same society.

He worked to provide equal rights to everyone. As it was not something that the authorities were happy about, he was imprisoned countless times. In his lifetime, he achieved so much that very few leaders could achieve. His speech “I have a dream” is the most iconic speech of all time.

He was the reason for the passage of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 and Voting Rights Act of 1965, which helped to change the face of the world.

One of the core beliefs of MLK was that everything is better without violence. He worked to achieve that and made the world a better place for the future generation.

He wanted to leave a better earth for his kids to live on. That’s what makes him one of the greatest selfless leaders of all time, and he’ll be remembered for his tremendous work for the rest of eternity.

When is Martin Luther King Birthday

On the day of January 15, 1929, one of the greatest leaders of all time Martin Luther King Jr. was born. He was born in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, and raised there as well.

Martin Luther King Birthday date

He spent his school life in Atlanta and started to go to college at the age of 15. His birthplace was always special to him. That’s why he returned to Atlanta, Georgia in 1960.

Martin Luther King Jr. graduated from Boston University. He received his Doctorate in Systematic Theology Ph.D. degree in 1955. From a young age, he was a very brave person. He was quite popular in the college for being charismatic and uplifting to the others surrounding him. That charming personality, of course, carried throughout the rest of his life.

Martin Luther King Jr Facts

Below, we’ll go over some interesting facts about Martin Luther King Jr that you might or might not know. That’ll cover some of his life events and achievements, which will help you understand how he was in his real life. Without any more ado, let’s check it out.

Martin Luther King Birthday

  • His birth name was Michael King Jr., which was changed later in his life.
  • In his early life, he served as a preacher at the Ebenezer Baptist Church alongside his father.
  • Martin Luther King Jr. did eleven speeches. These are undoubtedly the best speeches of all time.
  • He wrote a few books as well, which are still bought all over the world. His books showcase patriotism, inspiration, his biography, etc, and these are undoubtedly a great read.
  • He was imprisoned over 30 times in his lifetime. And all of them were because he was trying to bring balance to society.
  • His mother Alberta Williams King was also assassinated after King’s death at the age of 69. That was another tragic and heartbreaking death in the book of history.

Martin Luther King Jr Death

On the day of April 4, 1968, Martin Luther King Jr died a tragic death. He was 39 years old at that time. He was standing on a balcony on a beautiful evening and he was shot there.

After getting shot, he was immediately rushed to St. Joseph’s Hospital. Approximately after 1 hour and 4 minutes of being shot, this great leader left the world. It was 7.05 pm, and the evening turned into a mourning moment for the people across the world.

Riots broke out everywhere in America after he died. His death was one of the most tragic deaths of the century, and no one was ready for it.

To remember him, every third Monday of January is a federal holiday. This day is celebrated all across the world. People of all races, gender, and background pay love and respect to him.

He might be gone from the world, but his legacy is immortal. The changes he brought to mankind are just unforgettable. That’s why he’s considered to be one of the most influential characters in history.

Final Words

You just went through some of the characteristics and facts about Martin Luther King Jr. Hopefully, these facts will help you to know a little bit more about this great leader.

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