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Mikaila Ulmer Net Worth, Real Name, Biography, Age, Family and Unknown Facts

Mikaila Ulmer, also known as Teen Social Entrepreneur, is an American businesswoman who was born on September 28, 2004, in Houston, Texas. She accumulated the majority of her financial wealth by the age of 15, and her parents, D’Andra and Theo Ulmer, are also business graduates. A well-known entrepreneur group member with the 16-year-old is Mikayla Ullmer. St. Stephen’s Episcopal School was where she studied.  Wanted to know more about Mikaila Ulmer? Then continue this article to know Mikaila Ulmer’s life including her biography, age, career, net worth, relationships, and other facts.

Mikaila Ulmer’s Wiki


Full Name Mikaila Ulmer
Gender  Female
Profession Entrepreneur
Birth date September 28, 2004
Father D’Andra
Mother Theo Ulmer
Birth place  Houston, Texas.
Age 18 years old
Marital Status  Unmarried 
Hair color Black
Eye color Black
Net Worth $1-5 Million.

Early Life

Mikayla Ulmer, who is only 17 years old and already runs a Lemonade business, has no intention of slowing down anytime soon. Ulmer and her product line, Ulmer Bolen, made the girl a billionaire after she started the business at the age of 4. I found from my research that bees are crucial to our economy because without them, both the bee population and our food supply would drastically decline. 

Ulmer was ultimately motivated by it to incorporate honey into her Great-Granny Helen’s preferred flaxseed lemonade recipe and contribute a portion of the sales to bee-saving groups. Be Fearless, Dream Like a Kid, Mikayla’s debut book, was published in August 2020 and tells the story of his journey toward becoming a social entrepreneur with the goal of providing high-quality, all-natural products. 


At the age of four, Mikaila started her own company by vending local honey and lemonade made with her great grandmother’s 1940 recipe in front of her home. She inquired about her first retail position at a nearby pizza restaurant. As the company grew, Ulmer’s parents were actively involved, and she has donated 10% of the earnings to charitable organizations.

In 2015, Ulmer and her father received invitations to the business reality television program Shark Tank. Daymond John granted her $60,000 to support the growth of her on-air business. The same year, she was asked to see former President Barack Obama at the White House. She ran into him at a women’s event a year later. Similar to that, her business received $800,000 from a bunch of football players.

Every year, she sells about 360,000 bottles of lemonade, and one of the retailers is the upmarket supermarket chain Whole Foods Market. She also facilitates a workshop on saving honeybees and has participated in panels at events like SXSW ECO, SXSW EDU, and SXSW Interactive.


  • The Black Chamber of Commerce in Austin honored Mikaila with its “Teenpreneur of the Year.”
  • In Austin Monthly Magazine, she was recognized as the “Most Likely to Succeed” person.
  • She has been profiled in a number of publications, including The Food Network Magazine, Austin Woman Magazine, and Edible Austin.
  • Various honors have been given to her, including “African American Harvest Foundation Story Changer” and “Environmental Entrepreneur.”


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