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National cappuccino Day-date, history, celebration

National cappuccino Day-date, history, celebration

What do you do when your head is heavy? Or when you want to feel light and refreshing? Well, the most common answer would be probably, ” why don’t you have a cup of coffee!” Cappuccino is one of the many popular recipes for coffee drinks. The coffee drink is made of coffee beans. Cappuccino is one of its kind. 

Every year the 8th of November is celebrated as the national cappuccino Day. Brew up some milk, make a creamy cup of cappuccino.

National cappuccino Day-Date

National Cappuccino Day is celebrated every year on November 8. Coffee has been a part of history for over 500 years. Cappuccino is one of the most popular types of this drink. The day is a fun day to remark the drink. Enjoy the day with your friends, go out and grab a cuppa cappuccino. 

Origin of Coffee and Cappuccino

The coffee drink is a drink made of coffee beans. Beams are kind of black and are of mainly two kinds. It was found in the early 1500s. People brought it to the market from Yemen. It was first found in Yemen, but first people didn’t know how to use these beans. Later it was brought to the Turkish market during the Ottoman reign. The taste of the coffee was bitter. But there they developed a better version of coffee. They discovered if it is taken with sugar the taste is not bad,  rather refreshing. At first, people didn’t know how to use these seeds. Later in Arab, a process was invented. They roasted the seeds and later brew them and drank them. Thus coffee has come into a habitual drink.

So, it was introduced in the 15th century. Found in the horn of Africa and south Arabs,  specifically in Yemen. 

 The origin of the cappuccino is very interesting. The word cappuccino came from the Italian word Capuchin. Capuchin is wear that covers the head or can say hood. The name did not basically come from the traits of the capuchin, rather from the color of the Capuchin robes or the hoods that the friars used to wear. (They are basically an order of friars in a catholic church.) 

With time there have been many changes in coffee consumption. It became very popular worldwide. Different types of coffees were introduced and invented according to the taste and choice of the consumers. The Cappuccino is one of the most popular forms of coffee drink. It is a thick brown frothy drink that makes you happy or refreshed at any time. 

Cappuccino is condensed, thick and all the elements are put in equal proportion.

Significant Events

Today’s coffee revolution took a long time to come into its present form. The previous history of coffee was just roast the beans and brew them. Add sugar, have a drink. But with time, with changes in tastes, there have been many new forms and types of coffee drinks. People now can enjoy many types of drinks. 

Making a proper coffee drink is a whole process. Just roasting the beans and brewing it doesn’t make a good experience of coffee. It needs proper preparation to make a perfect Cappuccino.  And to make a perfect Capuccino a perfect espresso shot is necessary. And making a perfect espresso shot is now easier with the modern coffee machine or the espresso machine which was invented in 1945 by Achille Gaggia. 

Today’s popularity of coffee drinks or cappuccinos in the North American regions is not very old. It was 1990 when coffee started getting popular among the American people. 

In recent times,  Capuccino is also served in the QSR or any local fast-food chains. But that’s not the proper traditional one. Yet, enjoyable. It’s modified. 

The most important part of making a cappuccino is to generate the proper milk foam that makes it frothy and thick. 

The new trend is The baristas draw different shapes on the cup of your cappuccino. 


The day can be celebrated with friends and colleagues. Invite your friends. Make cappuccinos, hangouts and don’t miss any special event in any restaurants. If there is any. 

You can gift a pack of coffee beans to your dear ones as a sign of celebration.

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