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National Drummer Day 2022: History, Activities

Drummers are incredibly skilled people, which is just one of the many reasons why November 15 is National Drummer Day. Drummers have such fine motor control that they can use a separate motion for each limb while maintaining perfect synchronization. How? According to studies, drummers’ brains are actually wired differently than those of us mere mortals, giving them superior problem-solving skills and a completely unique perspective on the world.

When is National Drummer Day

Drumbeats provide a supporting rhythm that maintains the band’s overall pace structure. Drummers’ background work can make or break a song, despite the fact that they are frequently in the background and rarely in the spotlight. National Drummer Day, observed on November 15, aims to recognize and express gratitude for these musicians who may not always receive the praise that other band members might.

National Drummer Day History 

Despite the fact that the earliest drums were constructed of clay pots and alligator skin (such stylish drums for 5050 BC), the art of drumming is not limited to humans. Macaque monkeys will rhythmically beat on things to demonstrate social authority. Some rodents will also win their paws on the ground to communicate. Additionally, the way that animals appear to interpret this synchronized sound is similar to how we do, prompting many scientists to hypothesize that drumming as a form of communication predates humans in our overall evolutionary chronology.
Therefore, when you practice drumming, you’re actually practicing a skill that is probably older than humanity.

In addition, the drum’s core design hasn’t altered in thousands of years. Even while Rush’s enormous drum set and the alligator skin drums discovered in China in 5050 BC appear to be very different from one another at first glance, they are actually somewhat similar. Drums are drums, and anyone holding a beat becomes a living relic of the past when they play one.
Drumming’s significance to the way we express emotion and communicate is still as strong as it was before we learned how to build one, even as technologies change and electric kits fads come and go.

National Drummer Day Activities

Express gratitude to a drummer

Anyone who personally knows a drummer—professional, enthusiast, or young person learning the drums in school—can take this opportunity to recognize and thank them. Give them a big hug today, write them a card telling them you’re proud of them, or give them a high five.

Discover how to play the drums

National Drummer Day is an excellent opportunity to learn how to play the drums, assuming you don’t already know how. This can be done by picking up a bongo drum or jumping onto a Cajon. While some people could be naturally gifted and only need to watch internet videos to educate themselves on how to play the drums, others might prefer to pay a teacher.
A student’s familiarity with fundamental drum beats and timekeeping is crucial when learning to play the drums. A new drummer can learn to keep time by practicing with a metronome. After all, the drummer is the one who determines and maintains the band’s tempo. Play the drums all day long Drumming is healthy! It raises happiness, reduces stress hormones, and raises your pain threshold while burning more calories than many other forms of exercise. Hit it!

Play with the drummer of your choice.

Cooperation between groups has increased when playing to a drummer’s beat, possibly because everyone is feeling the effects of the drummer’s high. In addition, it’s entertaining and everyone can hear how sweet it sounds.



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