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National Hiking Day 2022: History, Activities

On November 17, National Hiking Day, we’re inspired to hit the trails. There are plenty of opportunities to go hiking thanks to the National Trail System’s more than 60,000 miles of trails spread throughout the 50 states.

What is National Hiking Day

National Hiking Day, which takes place on November 17 and is also known as “Take A Hike Day,” is arguably one of the most significant occasions. Why? To begin with, there are more than 60,000 miles of trails in the country. In addition, hiking is a great form of exercise that helps you burn more than 550 calories per hour. Additionally, being outside enables you to disconnect from your phone and take in the wonder and beauty of nature.

National Hiking Day History

The activity of hiking wasn’t always as popular as it is now. Walking – of any type – was regarded as an activity for the poor or the vagrant before the Subarus, Jeeps, and Patagonia developed an economy around the activity. Before the Victorian era’s Romantic movement encouraged writers like Walden and Thoreau to rediscover nature, which in turn encouraged landscape architects to create parks with top-notch walking trails (looking at you Frederick Law Olmsted of Central Park fame). The act of walking then came to be associated with sophistication, leisure, and luxury.

Up until John Muir, who traversed the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California on foot, demanded that not only should all Americans have access to hiking, walking, meandering, sojourning, or whatever else you want to call it, but also that the nation actively preserve natural areas of pristine ecology and beauty. As a result, Yosemite and Sequoia National Park, which he called “America’s best idea,” were added to the National Park System in 1890 after he petitioned for its establishment.

But even before Muir, a small group of people on the east coast came together to found the Appalachian Mountain Club in 1876. The club’s mission was to both protect and develop new hiking trails throughout the historic mountain range.
Therefore, every step you take on a trail is followed by a long line of earlier explorers, trailblazers, and activists, whether you prefer to run on the Central Park jogging trails or are getting ready to backpack the entire Pacific Crest Trail.

National Hiking Day Activities

The most obvious is to go hiking.

There is nothing quite like spending time outside. Set out on the trail with your hiking boots, sack lunch, backpack, and water. You’ll wonder why you don’t do this more often once you get going.

Talk about your experiences

Are you happy with your achievement? Share your hiking adventures on social media by taking pictures! Use hashtags like #NationalTrailsDay and #TakeAHike to motivate people to venture outside.

Take a “Vacation of Volunteering”

hiking while helping others and constructing/maintaining trails all over the world, all while visiting exotic and varied locations. What might be superior? See “Volunteer Vacation” by the American Hiking Society for details on how to make this fantasy a reality.

Take a Hike with Your Friends

A quick hike by yourself can be relaxing and restorative. However, it’s advisable to travel with at least one companion when trekking seriously. Additionally, more is better! Pick a hiking companion who can converse or be silent when necessary, moves at a similar speed and shares your appreciation for nature.
You don’t know anyone who enjoys hiking. By requesting further information from the neighborhood park ranger, you can connect with safe hiking groups.



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