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National Just Because Day 2024 Tradition, Date, Celebration and Fun Facts

Today is National Just Because Day. The day is to do something without any reason. Normally, we do anything because we have to do, or we want to do, or someone expects from us. Today you don’t need to think before doing.  You can do anything randomly. If anything comes to your mind and don’t find any reason or logic for doing it, then to celebrate this day just do it. Today you can enjoy doing any uncommon or unplanned activity.  You can do the first thing that comes to your mind.

By doing anything without any reason give you a lot of fun and entertainment. The Day will be a great day by spreading random acts of charity. Today we are going to know some inserting facts and way of celebration of this day.

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National Just Because Day is observed on August 27 every year.


The concept of Just because Day comes from Because of Day. The Day was created by Joseph J. Goodwin of Los Gatos, California. In this systemic world we have to do and everything according to our social interest or we always doing what is expected of us. For these restrictions, we can not do whatever we want or society does not allow us to apply it. It creates mental stress for us. thus the Day was founded to keep you stress-free and give you a chance of doing without feeling any out or inside force. This day gives you a golden opportunity to do whatever is in your mind.

National Just Because Day
National Just Because Day


Feeling free to do something without any rhyme or reason, that is the tradition of the Day. Today forget everything should have some logic behind it and some things should be done just because.

There are many ideas to observe the day such as:  taking a short or long trip aimlessly, arrange a visit to someone’s house who you haven’t seen for a long time without informing, walking backward just because, even having dessert before dinner just because.

Celebration and Activities of This Day

Giving Gifts

You can surprise your friend with a thoughtful gift to only brighten their day. You can inform your friends about Just Because Day and encourage them to spread its message to all.

Sharing Post on Social Media

National Just Because Day inspires random acts of kindness. You can share the day by posting or commenting with the hashtag #justbecauseday on any social media platforms like Instagram, tweeter, Facebook. This will spread awareness about this unique holiday. Your “just because” activities also represent that you are an adventurous soul who follows your own mind, just because.

National Just Because Day
Do whatever you want


Peculiar Pets

Salvador Dali walked around Paris with an ant-eater on a leash

Bathed in Gold

Mike Tyson owned a solid gold bathtub.

Double Trouble

Mike Tyson deserves to be on this list twice because he also owned three Royal Bengal Tigers.

Air Baths

Benjamin Franklin would write his essays naked in cold rooms while claiming they were “air baths.”

Mr. Deeds

Keanu Reeves has been donating millions of dollars to children’s hospitals for years


Breakdowns Up The Rules

We have many limitations and social bindings that we normally cannot break.

Encourages Naturalness

For maintaining many formalities we forget our naturalness. The day recalls and opens our covered desire and helps us to express our inner natural actuality.

Reminder To Take Care Of Ourselves

We live in a busy world where we do have not enough time to spend ourselves. We always are doing for our family our business, our company.  And everywhere we have to maintain many formalities which hide our naturalness under artificialities. This is the day that reminds us to take care of ourselves.


Just Because Day helps to flourish your individual interest that has already been suppressed under social and cultural customs and artificialities. The day reminds you to think of yourself and inspires you to give priority to your personal interest. You should not forget what you are.

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