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National Mutt Day 2022: History, activities 

‘A mutt is couture-it’s the only one like it in the world, made especially for you.’-Isaac Mizrahi. Don’t worry about purebred dogs. On this day, which is National Mutt Day, mixed breeds and mutts are the focus!

When is National Mutt Day?

On July 31 and December 2 of each year, National Mutt Day promotes the acceptance, preservation, and celebration of mixed-breed dogs.

National Mutt Day History 

Despite the fact that in English the word “mutt” occasionally carries a pejorative connotation, the term simply refers to a dog whose parents were not of the same breed and were not registered. It could also be referred to as a “mixed breed.” This in no way affects the dog’s quality because mutts can still make wonderful pets.
In truth, mixed-breed dogs can occasionally exhibit some of the best traits of both of their parent breeds, making them fascinating in every aspect. Occasionally, it is possible to tell by looking at specific mutts what breeds their parents were, but other times, they may have a mixture of traits.

National Mutt Day was created by behaviorist and animal welfare activist Colleen Paige. Paige began this day by spreading awareness about the issue of mixed-breed dogs that are frequently abandoned in an effort to promote a love for any and all animals.

National Mutt Day Activities 

Families and their mutts can both benefit greatly from taking part in National Mutt Day celebrations, which can be very easy to do. Take a look at a few of these suggestions for marking the day:

Be Kind to Your Dog

Today is a very enjoyable day for owners of mixed-breed dogs to play with, cuddle, and appreciate their pets. Invest in a special toy for the puppy at the pet store, or take him to the dog bakery to select a treat. A special bow for her ears can also be purchased at the pet store.
Additionally, this is a wonderful time to plan a visit to the vet for your dog. One annual visit to the vet is required for adult canines.

Pick up a Mutt

National Mutt Day may serve as the ideal excuse for those without mutts to acquire one. Finding a mixed-breed dog that just needs a decent home can be done easily at an animal shelter. Mutts can come in a wide variety of sizes and forms, from enormous hybrids of the Labrador and Chow breed to tiny hybrids of the Chihuahua and Dachshund breeds.
It might take several trips to the shelter over time to locate a dog that is the appropriate fit for the family, but once it arrives home, a tiny (or huge!) mutt will quickly become a treasured member of the family.

Contribute to an animal shelter

Consider volunteering at a nearby shelter for homeless animals if you enjoy hanging out with mutts but aren’t quite ready to own a dog yet. Inspire yourself to assist those mutts to find their permanent families by celebrating National Mutt Day!



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