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Celebrate National Parents Day 2024 on July 23

National Parents Day 2024 is a special day for both parents and children that is celebrated on the fourth Sunday of July. Congress passed the Parents Day resolution in 1994 to honor all the parents all over the country. Only those who have no parent know the necessity and importance of parents in the world. We have our parents with us means we have the whole world and for this, we feel very blessed. So this is such a day for us to do something special for our loving parents.

National Parents Day 2024 Date

National Parents Day date is on July 23this year. Actually, the day is observed on the fourth Sunday of July every year. That is why the date changes most of the years. However, the fundamental thing for us is that no matter when is the date, we all make the day very special for our loving mom and dad.

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Some Important Facts about National Parents Day

There are tons of important and interesting facts about National Parents Day 2024. Some of the interesting facts about the day are highlighted in the points below:

  • The initiative of celebrating Mothers Day and Fathers Day is started in the early 1900s.
  • Congress passed the Parents Day resolution in 1994 to honor all the parents all over the country.
  • The important thing is that after the USA, many other countries across the world have been celebrating the day with great interest and enthusiasm.
  • President Bill Clinton was the pioneer to establish National Parents Day.
  • The day is one of the best days to recognize, support, and uplift the role and significance of parents in our life.

How to Celebrate National Parents Day

People from different states and places in the USA celebrate the day in several ways. The day is also celebrated in different styles and traditions in many other countries according to their own customs. One of the best ways to celebrate the day is to spend some quality time with parents- be it going for a special dinner, visiting some special spots, or having a home party.

To make the day very special and memorable, you can give an exceptional gift to your parents also. Actually, it is a day when you have the key to open the door of happiness and joy for you and your parents.

Final Words

National Parents Day brings a extraordinary opportunity for all of us. So we all should take responsibility and make our parents smile a lot. We all should take an oath to make our parents happy forever but not only on this day.

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