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National Pastry Day 2023: History, Activities

National pastry day is about to get even more delectable for those who adore pastries! The ideal moment to celebrate National Pastry Day is right now.

Therefore, this day serves as the perfect justification for anyone who has ever needed one to grab a croissant before work or stave off hunger in the afternoon with a sneaky slice of apple pie.

When is National Pastry Day 

One of the most popular baked desserts in the world is honored on National Pastry Day. Visit your neighborhood bakery on December 9 and purchase one or two of your favorite varieties.

National Pastry Day History

According to legend, the first pastries were prepared by the likes of the ancient Romans and Greeks, who produced filo-style pastries for both meals and treats. Flour, oil, and honey—all of which would resist melting easily in the sweltering heat of the day—were the primary components in pastries in these hot countries.

Today, these kinds of delicacies are still consumed in many cultures as a result of this tradition. Baklava, a delicious pastry created of filo-like crust, almonds, and delectable drizzles of honey, is one of the most well-known. Baklava is a Turkish favorite.

When pastry chefs arrived on the scene in the Middle Ages, things took a turn for the worse. They used shortening and butter to create a thicker, more substantial crust that is still widely used in pies today. With both monarchy and peasants constantly in need of pies and sweets, pastry developed into quite the enterprise.

Because of its adaptability, pastry has undergone several variations and expressions based on geography and culture, but its basic components have mostly remained the same. Numerous pastry varieties have developed throughout the years, including choux, danish, and phyllo (sometimes called “filo” pastry), which has led to the development of countless delectable pastry-based foods!

The need for pastry chefs is still high. Perhaps even more than they were in the Middle Ages, perhaps. Pastry chefs are in charge of creating cakes, candies, and, of course, traditional pastry desserts. They are employed in some of the largest, fanciest hotels in the world.

Although the origins of National Pastry Day are obscure, there is no denying that such a delectable food deserves a day dedicated to it.

National Pastry Day Activities

It’s so simple to find ways to commemorate this day! Try some of these intriguing suggestions, or think up your own fun ways to celebrate National Pastry Day:

Take Advantage of a Local Bakery’s Pastry

It’s especially easy to obtain delectable pastries and baked goodies at the bakery in December since National Pastry Day happens on that month. Grab an apple turnover, a flaky pastry pie, or maybe a cinnamon roll from your neighborhood bakery. No matter what kind of food a person is in the mood for, there are a variety of pastries available, including vanilla slices, profiteroles, strudel, Danish pastries, pies with various fillings, baklava, quiche, eclairs, and even Cornish pasties.

Make some homemade pastry.

Try making a pie or other form of pastry treat from scratch if you’re feeling daring. Those who consider themselves to be quite experienced cooks may even attempt the difficult filo or choux pastry!

A basic pie crust, which can be filled with anything from fruit to a flavorful meat and gravy mixture, is one of the easiest desserts to prepare.

It’s not at all a difficult recipe since it just calls for three ingredients: flour, butter or shortening, and cold water. Simply use a pastry blender (or two knives) to incorporate the cold butter into the flour until the pieces are the size of peas.

Then gradually add the ice-cold water, whisking with a fork after each addition, until the pastry begins to pull away from the bowl’s edge. From this point on, it’s important to avoid overworking the pastry because doing so will make it tough. Additionally, the crust will be flakier the colder the dough is.
If choosing savory or sweet fillings, roll out the pastry into the desired shape, fill, and bake until flaky and golden brown. Enjoy!

Enroll in a pastry-making course

People who aren’t quite confident in their ability to make pastries could think about enrolling in a course at a nearby cooking school or community college. Before becoming a professional, those who wish to become full-fledged pastry chefs will likely need to complete a few years of training and an apprenticeship. However, a lot of people enroll in culinary programs purely for enjoyment.

Exchange sweet treats with your loved ones.

Whatever happens, make sure to share these delicious sweet or savory delights with a variety of friends, neighbors, family members, or coworkers. We’ll keep it a secret if you eat them all by yourself.

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