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National Pierogi Day History Interesting Facts

National Pierogi Day is observed On 8 October. It is an international dish. Pierogi is the plural form of the hardly used Polish word pierog. In English, we spell Pierogi in many ways, including perogi and Pierogy. No matter how you choose to spell it, these unleavened dough dumplings will bring delicious dishes to the table. The semi-circular dough is usually stuffed with salty fillings before boiling. After boiling, the chef will bake or fry the dumplings in butter to complete the cooking.

History of National Pierogi Day

Although the origin of the country Pierogi has been blown away by the wind of time, we still have a good understanding of how Pierochi was invented. Many details about the origin of dumplings are full of controversy, so it can be said that when we talk about where these little dumplings may come from, we have only myths to continue.

The most popular story of Pierogis is that they were taken to Italy from Marco Polo’s tour to China, and finally arrived in Poland. Other stories believe that the holy hyacinths of Poland brought them back from the city of Kiev. In some of these legends, people used holy hyacinths to make dumplings from crops resurrected after the storm destroyed the crops in Kosciusko town. In other legends, during the famine caused by the Tatar invasion, the saint was able to feed everyone with dumplings.

National Pierogi Day Events

Visit your local Polish restaurant

Every nearby Polish restaurant has Pierogi on the menu, and we guarantee that they will have several different varieties. Maybe it’s time to try the dessert Pierogi!

Make your own dumplings

Choose your favorite recipe online and get started! Fill them with anything you like—cheese, sausage, potatoes, or all three. Pierogi had no right way and no wrong way.

Hold Polish-themed light meals

Challenge your guests to make their best dumplings. This is a great way to familiarize you with Polish cuisine, and the best part is that you can taste all of it! Go crazy-you got our permission.

National Pierogi Day Photo
National Pierogi Day Photo

Some Interesting Facts about Pierogi

1. First arrived in Poland in the 13th century.

Although it is believed that Polish dumplings have been made in Poland since the 13th century, the first written dumpling recipe came from the Compendium Ferculorum published in 1682.

2. Patron Saint of Pierogi.

There is a patron saint of pierogi. It is believed that the holy hyacinth brought Pierogi from what is now Ukraine to Poland. Hyacinths told people to pray, and the crops miraculously recovered the next day. People thank hyacinths for making dumplings from crops.

3. Restaurant called Pierogarnia specially made for Pierogi in Poland.

When you go to Poland, you will get many restaurant called Pierogarnia. These restaurants specialize in making dumplings with dozens of different fillings. Some of the most popular dumpling fillings are potatoes and cheese, cabbage and mushrooms, strawberries or blueberries, and various meats.

4. Guinness World Record for making dumplings.

Anyone who has made Pierogi from scratch knows that this is not always an easy task. In 2022, Beata Jasek from Krakow set the Guinness record for making Pierogi. She made more than a thousand dumplings in one hour (1066 to be precise!), which is equivalent to making one dumpling every 3.4 seconds!

5. An Area in the United States called “Pierogi Pocket”.

There is an area in the United States called “Pierogi Pocket”. Two-thirds of the annual consumption of dumplings in the United States is in parts of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana, Chicago, Detroit, and New England. Pittsburgh will host the Pierogi Festival and Pierogi games in every Pirates baseball home game after the 5th inning. In this competition, contestants wearing Pierogi costumes compete for the Pierogi Award.

To know more about Pierogi visit Wikipedia.

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