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National Scrapple Day 2022: History, Activities

Since the Middle Ages, scrapple has been a strange comfort meal. The Pennsylvania Dutch were able to carry on this practice that the Germans had brought over as time went on. Because of the ingredients used, this beef meal has a reputation for being unique. Read on to find out more about scrapple’s history and how to make it if you’re interested in finding out what it might be.

When Is National Scrapple Day

On November 9, National Scrapple Day honors the earliest pig dish created in America. For those who are unfamiliar with scrapple, it is generally made with leftover pork, wheat flour, and seasonings like sage, thyme, savory, and black pepper. After shaping the mush into a semi-solid loaf, it is cut into slices and pan-fried.

National Scrapple Day History

Scrapple is a dish produced from the leftovers after the butchering of various animals, primarily the guts and internal organs, which are then minced, cooked, and combined with cornbread, wheat flour, and seasonings. Then it is formed into a loaf, cut into slices, and fried. Germans brought scrapple to Europe during the Middle Ages, and the Pennsylvania Dutch called it panhaus, which translates to “pan rabbit.” The Pennsylvania Dutch and Amish offer scrapple as a regional dish in the mid-Atlantic region.

Although scrapple is sold in the mid-Atlantic region, a whopping 85% of residents claim they won’t eat it because of the ingredients. Even though it’s made from animal waste, scrapple can still be appetizing for the adventurous. The purpose of National Scrapple Day is to educate people about its history while also encouraging them to try new foods. Although there are many different components that may be used to make the dish, it is typically made with pig’s leftovers and seasoned with sage, black pepper, and thyme. Any type of meat, stuffing, and spices that you believe will work well can be substituted.

National Scrapple Day Activities

Enjoy New Recipes With Scrapple

Here is a recipe you can use to learn how to make scrapple; One pound of lean pork should be boiled until done. Three cups of cornmeal, one chopped onion, 1.5 teaspoons of salt, 1 tablespoon of pepper, and 1 teaspoon of crushed sage are then combined. When it becomes a mushy paste, add the cooked meat and three quarts of water. Once everything is well combined, shape it into a loaf and chill it for about an hour.
Once everything has been put together, slice off a piece and cook it in a skillet over medium heat with a little bit of olive oil until it is golden brown.

Visit any restaurant in Philadelphia

In Philadelphia, almost every diner and eatery serves scrapples. Additionally, during November, Joe’s Steaks and Soda Shop in Torresdale and Fishtown will be serving scrapple cheesesteaks! Take a bite of your favorite version or try a variety of this unique and adventurous cuisine, then post photographs on social media with the hashtags #NationalScrappleDay and #ScrappleDay.

Celebrate with Scrapples!

Have a scrapple party by inviting your friends to purchase several varieties of scrapple! Along with appropriate music, activities, refreshments, and toppings, you can have fun! Post on social media about your National Scrapple Day party, which was a lot of fun!

Along with your loved ones, make scrapples!

You can also enjoy this day by cooking scrapples with your loved ones! If your family or friends enjoy cooking, you can divide the task so that Scrapples is the product of everyone’s labors! By being inventive with the toppings, spices, and fillings of everyone’s choice, you can make it more daring! The scrapples with jelly or maple syrup are a hit with kids! You may share your scrapples and enjoyable moments on social media while cooking with friends!


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