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National Siblings Day 2024: Date, History, Facts [How to Celebrate]

National Siblings Day is a holiday honored each year in various portions of the United States by some states. The holiday was created by Claudia Evart in honor of two brothers who died in two different accidents when they were young. Claudia Evart establishes an organization called Siblings Day. If you want to know more information about National Siblings Day, then this article is for you.

National Siblings Day Date

National Siblings Day is celebrated all over the world on the 10th of April. On this day, siblings of all families try to wish other siblings and have a get together to enjoy the day. Many organize different family parties to have some great moments together.

History of National Siblings Day

Claudia Evart created this holiday in 1995. Every year, Siblings Day falls on April 10 as on this day Claudia Evart’s two sisters named Lisette, and Claudia was born. So, Claudia Evart chose this date for National Siblings Day based on her personal symbolism. The day was established to recognize one’s siblings, and many organizations have adopted the day to help individuals celebrate siblings who are ill or disabled.

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Interesting Facts About National Siblings Day

There are a lot of interesting and important facts about National Siblings Day. Some of the interesting facts about the day are mentioned in the points below:

  • The Siblings Day Foundation was founded by Claudia Evart with the purpose of establishing an annual National Sibling Day in the United States.
  • The United States Congress took away the right to designate commemoratives in 1996. Since then, the president of the United States has had that power.
  • In a Presidential Message in 2000, Bill Clinton honored Siblings Day.
  • Since Claudia Evart launched National Sibling Day in 1997, 88 governors from at least 39 states have signed gubernatorial proclamations to help establish the day throughout the United States.
  • National Sibling Day is intended to be commemorated in the same way that Mother’s Day, Father’s Day and Grandparent’s Day are commemorated. It’s yet another celebration of the family’s ideals.
  • The United States isn’t the first country to commemorate brothers and sisters. Siblings Day has been observed in Northern India for millennia. Long before it was introduced in the United States and various South Asian and African countries observed this holiday on an annual basis.
  • On April 10th, Oprah Winfrey’s televised show commemorated Siblings Day.
  • Siblings Day was recognized on Oprah Winfrey’s televised show on April 10th.

How to Celebrate National Siblings Day?

National Siblings Day is a celebration of the extraordinary link that develops the relationship between brothers and sisters as they grow up together and into maturity and even old age. It’s time to celebrate Siblings Day in various ways. Some of the ways are below:

  • Getting the phone and calling siblings is one of the great ways to celebrate the day.
  • Inviting all the siblings to a party and enjoying the time all together is another wonderful way to celebrate this day.
  • Having a walk altogether in a park and spending time gossiping is also a great way to observe the day.
  • Posting a wonderful post related to childhood moments with siblings on social media is another good idea to celebrate this day.
  • Sending gifts and favorite things to siblings is a nice way to celebrate this day as well.


Our siblings are our family, and they play an important role in our lives, which is why we honor them on April 10th, National Siblings Day! Our siblings motivate and compete with us by encouraging us to be our best, and also by embarrassing us. These types of relationships are frequently life-long, lasting from cradle to death.

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