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National Swedish Day 2023: History, Activities

Sweden’s National Day, or “Sveriges Nationaldag,” is celebrated on June 6. On this day, Swedes honor their national identity. At this time, the king also presents new Swedish citizens with their citizenship certificates.
There won’t be many fireworks, loud celebrations, or noteworthy national events, most likely. It’s a really relaxed day.

On June 6, “Sveriges Nationaldag,” or Sweden’s National Day, is observed. Swedes celebrate their national identity on this day. The king also hands new Swedish citizens their citizenship certificates at this time.
There won’t likely be many fireworks, boisterous celebrations, or notable national events. It’s a really laid-back day.

When is National Swedish Day?

On June 6th each year, Sweden celebrates its National Day. This federal holiday, also called Svenska Flaggans Day (Swedish Flag Day), honors two significant historical dates: the crowning of King Gustav Vasa in 1523 and the adoption of the current constitution on this day in 1809, which created the separation of powers.

National Swedish Day History

It is believed that King Gustav’s election laid the groundwork for contemporary Sweden.
Some historians would argue that other significant anniversaries serve as better illustrations of the establishment of the state, but this event did represent the dissolution of the Danish-ruled Kalmar Union, making it a proper marker of Swedish independence.

The Instrument of Government, a crucial component of Sweden’s constitution, was approved on June 6, 1809, making that day noteworthy in Sweden as well. Additionally, new Swedish citizens receive their legal documents on June 6.
It is surprising that although commemorating such a long-ago occurrence, it was only made an official holiday in 2005.

Even the custom of commemorating this day is very new. Artur Hazelius, the museum’s creator, came up with the concept of commemorating June 6th’s historical events in 1893 in the Skansen, a Stockholm open-air museum. At the Stockholm Olympic Stadium, festivities were staged on June 6 by the 1910s.

Swedish Flag Day was the name of the holiday up until 1983, and up until 2005, National Day was just a day off for employees of the government and banks. The Swedish government decided that Whit Monday would no longer be recognized as a public holiday rather than giving everyone an extra day off. (Poor old Whit Monday in the UK met a similar demise when the late May bank holiday took its place.)

The National Day was set to June 6th, meaning it may fall on a Saturday or Sunday, unlike Whit Monday, which was always observed on a Monday, hence the shift did result in fewer holidays for the Swedish over a number of years.
There were concerns from certain Swedish unions as a result, but the problem has been rectified by granting everyone an additional eight hours of time off to use as they like.

National Swedish Day Activities

Parades, marching bands, and local folk band performances mark National Day. The Swedish Royal Family often participates in a ceremony at the Skansen. Children dressed as peasants present the royal couple with summer flower bouquets as the yellow and blue Swedish flag is raised to the mast.

Flag Day in Sweden
Despite the fact that the present flag was approved on June 22nd, 1906, today is also Sweden’s Flag Day. The Swedish coat of arms, which features three gold crowns on a blue background, served as the inspiration for the cross’s blue and golden colors in the fourteenth century.


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