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National Uncle Day Celebration, Messages, Quotes

Uncles and aunties either paternal or maternal both are prominent and influential people in our life. We have all the days for our special ones such as mothers day, fathers day, friendship day etc. Have you ever thought there is any day dedicated to our uncles and aunties? Yes, of course, have. Let’s know more about National Uncles and Aunties Day celebration, activities and messages and quotes etc.

What is National Uncle Day

Every year the 26th of July is observed as National Uncles and Aunties Day. A day to celebrate our love for them. This day symbolizes the importance of our uncles and aunties in our life. People from all over the world celebrate the day with love and respect. 

History of National Uncle Day

Uncle and aunt are our second parents. They are very close to our family. They saw us grow up, actually part of our life. We can not ignore the role of upbringing us as an ideal children. Mainly National Uncle and Aunt Day is to appreciate their love and celebrate the day with much honour and respect. 

How this day has been included in our life so far is not found out yet. Both the words uncle and aunt are derived from the French words ‘oncle’ and ‘tante’. Anyone of the age of our parents is called uncle and aunt from back in our history. From then to now we keep the love and respect intact for all the awesome uncles and aunts out there. We celebrate the day with great enthusiasm and passion. 

Activities of the National Uncle Day

National Uncle and Aunt Day is celebrated to make them feel more special on this day. Assure them how much they are meant to us. So call your uncle and aunt and wish them best wishes. Try to meet and have a meal. Open your old childhood albums and recall these along with them. Go out with your uncle and aunt for a while. Listen to what they want to share with you. Post a photo of yours with them on social media and use the hashtag #uncleandauntday.

Wishes for National Uncle Day

To make the day, first, call your uncle or leave a message for your uncle and aunt and share it on social media using the hashtag. 

“Happy Uncle and Aunt Day to both of you”

“The way you guys play the role of second parents is splendid. Blessed to have you as my uncle and aunt. Love you both and wish you the happiest day!”

“Maybe we don’t have regular conversations but I remember you every second of the day. On your day, have a blast.”

“You both made my childhood memories more special and meaningful. You are my inspiration. I owe it to you guys.”

“Dear uncle and aunt, 

appreciating all the love and support,

 I am wishing you a happy uncle and aunt day. Thanks for all the love and support.”

“Thanks for always being there for me. Keep supporting me always you guys do. Today is your day. Enjoy your day.”

Uncle Day Quote

To spread the happiness of Uncle Day among others, you can share different quotes related to Uncle day.

“Everyone had an uncle who tried to steal their nose”-Peter Kay.

“No family is complete without an embarrassing uncle.”-Peter Morgan.

“An uncle is a blessing. It means so many things. Words could never tell the joy an uncle brings. An uncle is a bond of faith that even time can’t sever, a gift to last all of our lives. An uncle is forever.”-Irene Branks.


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