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National Wattle Day 2022 History, Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Australia observes National Wattle Day as a day of celebration every year on 1st September. In 1992, it started officially on the first day of spring of that year. This is the time when many Acacia species (commonly called wattles in Australia), are in flower. Australian people consider 1st September as the 1st day of spring. This is the time when many Acacia species (commonly called wattles in Australia), are in flower. So, people wear a sprig of flowers and leaves to celebrate the day.


History of Wattle Day

Even literature and poetry honored the wattle from the 1860s to the early 1900s. Australia recognizes the wattle as the national flower during this period.  Archibald James Campbell, an ornithologist, and field naturalist who was passionate about Australian wattles. He founded it to appreciate wattle. He first asks to create a special day to celebrate this Australian famous flower.

About 50 years later, green and gold were declared Australia’s national colors, and the interest in wattles grew again. Soon, the pressure of creating a special day to celebrate the wattle grew again. Then a Wattle Day League was formed in 1910. The league settled on September 1 as Wattle Day — as it is the beginning of the spring season in Australia. Since that year, celebrations have been held each year in major Australian cities.

Support for Wattle Day continued even during the First World War when wattle sprigs were sold to raise money for organizations like the Red Cross. As a tradition pressed wattles were sent in letters to wounded soldiers. From 1992, September 1 has been declared as National Wattle Day for Australia and the external Territories of Australia.

National Wattle Day
National Wattle Day

How you can celebrate National Wattle Day

There are m, many ways to celebrate National Wattle Day. Here I am sharing some ideas:

  • Wear a sprig of wattle or the uplifting color of yellow
  • Organize a picnic, lunch, morning/afternoon tea, BBQ, or dinner for your family & friends
  • Plant a wattle in your garden or wattles in a grove or revegetate a landscape
  • Go for a walk to enjoy wattles in flower around your garden, suburb, nearby bush, or arboretum
  • Request your local council to light up landmarks in yellow and green on 1 September. (and then send us your  photos to display on this website)
  • Encourage your local markets to have a wattle theme in the lead-up to national wattle day – 1 September
  • Support your local primary school to celebrate the day.
  • Check out our ‘for schools’ for ideas
  • Sing a wattle song with the children in your life or recite a wattle poem
National Wattle Day
National Wattle Day

Wattle Day Activities

Light up your house in wattle colors

Do as the Australians do and light up your house in wattle colors — green and yellow. Light a few yellow lamps, string up yellow-colored fairy lights and add a plant or two for that green pop.

Research conservation opportunities

Wattle Day used to be about patriotism, but it has evolved to address conservation too. Take a minute to learn what you can do for the environment and plants around you, and start making small changes for a better planet. Encourage others to take up the conservation cause too.

Enjoy nature

Wattle Day celebrations are often low-key and involve appreciating nature. Take a quick walk in the park, have lunch outdoors while basking in the sun, go on a trek, or plant a tree in the backyard.

National Wattle Day
National Wattle Day

National Wattle Day 2022 Quotes, Wishes & Messages

Wishing everyone on the occasion of National Wattle Day. Just like the wattles bloom, I wish that the love for our country also blooms the same way in our hearts.

Spring is here and it is time to bid adieu to the chilly winters and get ready to enjoy the summer season soon. Happy National Wattle Day.

Warm greetings on National Wattle Day. The blooming wattle flowers always fill our hearts with greatest joys and make this day all the more special.

It is a beautiful sight to see the wattles blooming around our country. Wishing everyone on this special day. Happy National Wattle Day.

May the bright yellow color of the wattle flowers spread sunshine and happiness in our lives. Happy National Wattle Day to everyone.

There is something so attractive about the wattles that always bring joys to all of us. Wishing a very Happy National Wattle Day.

The blooming of wattles is an indication that winters are going to end and we will have cheerful and happy days ahead of us. Happy National Wattle Day.


As a national flower wattle has a special value to Australian people. There has also a remarkable history of this day that makes this National Wattle Day more significant.

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