Sons of the Forest – Building a Floating Base Tips and Tricks

The Definitive Guide to Creating a Floating Base Building a floating base is a great tactic if you want to advance your Sons of the Forest gaming. We’ll provide you the best advice and techniques in this comprehensive guide to enable you to build your own breathtaking floating base.

Finding the Ideal Place

Finding the ideal place is the first step in creating a floating base. Despite the fact that many places could look ideal, you need make sure that the area is both convenient to your other bases and big enough to build your base.
It would also be beneficial if you looked for a site that was close to water or had access to a water supply. It will be simpler to gather water and catch fish if this is done.

The terrain is still another important consideration. You should look for a site that is largely level and devoid of any significant barriers that might obstruct your construction activities.

Creating the Base

You may start building the foundation for your floating base once you’ve chosen the ideal place. You can begin by using a mixture of logs and half-logs.
Put a whole log at each corner of the foundation to start. Thereafter, split each log in half and arrange the halves atop the entire logs. Four half-logs should now be put on top of each entire log at this point.

Finally, you can remove the full logs, and your floating base should be ready. Just keep in mind that you may need additional support if you plan to build a large base.

Building the Base

You may begin constructing the base now that the foundation is in place. You may construct the walls and floors of your foundation using a combination of half-logs and full-logs.
Choosing where to put things is important when building a floating foundation. Be careful when planting items since if they are too close to the edge of your foundation, they might tumble over and into the sea.
Using zip lines to deliver supplies and materials to your floating base is another useful suggestion. Moving things around and the building will be much simpler.

Final Thoughts

In Sons of the Forest, creating a floating base is an enormously satisfying endeavor. You may build a remarkable base that will impress your friends with the appropriate location and some fundamental building abilities. Just keep in mind to be patient and take your time when building, and you’ll have a lovely and useful floating foundation.


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