Sons Of The Forest – How to Get All Guns in Game

There are three available guns, including this pistol. While it is rather far offshore, it is highlighted on the map with a GPS locator close to the northwest beach. However the distance may even vary greatly depending on where the crash site is located. The ocean, a mountain covered in snow, or the center of a forest are the other three potential spawning locations.
A snowy mountain necessitates a trek down the mountain and across the forest to the west, but the woodland and beach provide a respectable setting for gamers. Yet, the handgun is near to the spawn sites for both the woodland and the seaside.

Boys of The Forest Shark

On the raft, there is a dead soldier with a GPS locator, along with some supplies, ammunition, and a functional gun. But, once donned, it may naturally be retrieved from the inventory and transferred to the bag for easy removal. The next stage is to safely make it back to land.
Yet those players have a number of alternatives, and the shark will circle the raft for a time. Because of this, they may either shoot it to scare it away or wait for it to go in order to avoid it. Yet, there’s a considerable risk it will follow them and bite them if they don’t wait long enough. Moreover, they should undoubtedly survive a bite or two if the


The shotgun and handgun are first used together in Sons of the Forest. The shotgun is effective, but there is a limited amount of ammo, so you’ll need to save it for when you’ll really need it—a skill gained in many previous survival horror games prior to this one. Instead, have your go-to melee weapon close by at all times as a primary weapon, or even simply the trusty shovel that you’ll need to find before you can find the Sons of the Forest shotgun.

How to use a pistol

Exploring islands and finding several containers, corpses, and campsites will yield plenty of pistol ammunition. Nevertheless, after a few days in the game, all item locations will respawn, therefore it’s worthwhile to perform further special inspections to obtain the maximum amount of ammunition. Hold down your mouse button as you load the pistol and right-click to shoot after receiving ammunition. Moreover, Virginia has virtually endless ammunition and can use a weapon if players give it to her.

Pistol Rail

The pistol rail is located on the same beach, not far from the pistol spawn spot, in a tiny nook next to some rocks. Nonetheless, there are three boxes containing food, a tarp, medications, and a bag with a handgun rail inside. Also, players can get some ammo there.

Flashlight attachment

Within the cave straight to the west of the hill, a deceased worker’s body had a flashlight attached on it. Players will require the rope gun and the rebreather in order to enter the cave and locate both the shovel and both of these things. Use the rope gun to zipline into the opposite area of the cave before diving into the water pool there.

Pistol Laser

The subterranean bunker housing this pistol laser is located close to North Beach. But, there is a sign with a green pulse just south of the tee. Use the special shovel to dig there until the hatch entry is visible on the beach. The laser is in the chamber at the other end of the hall on the left; simply open it and make sure to utilize the ladder to enter.
The suppressor is next to an excavation site identified by a green pulsing marker in the southwest corner of the woodland. Nevertheless, you may find the attachment on a desk in the room down the corridor if you use a shovel to dig out the hatch door and enter.

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