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United Nations Day (24 October 2022) Theme, Activities, Quotes

United Nations Day is an international day that is celebrated all over the world with a view to honoring all the work the organization has done to promote peace around the world and all the good things they’ve done with the network of a variety of specialized agencies. The day encourages all the countries in the world to keep peace with one another and take steps to solve any issues in a peaceful way.

United Nations Day 2022

United Nations Day in 2022 is on Thursday, October 24. After World War II, the world realized the necessity of keeping countries away from any type of war. As a result, the United Nations (UN) was formed in 1945 in order to prevent such devastating future wars. The day brings a great opportunity for all the countries and citizens to understand the value of a peaceful world and it inspires them to build a happy, peaceful, safe, and better world. Some important facts and details are given below in the table.

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United Nations Day Theme

  • UN Day 2022 Theme: ‘The Future We Want, the UN We Need: Reaffirming our Collective Commitment to Multilateralism’
  • United Nations Day in 2021 Theme: “Our Planet. Our Future.”
  • United Nations Day in 2020 Theme: “Traditions of Peace and Non-violence”
  • United Nations Day in 2019 Theme: “Potential in Diversity”

United Nations Day Facts

Facts Details
United Nations Day Observance 24th October every year
United Nations Day formed in 1945
United Nations Day first celebrated in 1948
Total Countries at the time of formation of UN 50

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United Nations Day activities

To celebrate United Nations Day, the UN arranges some programs, seminars, guided tours for all to let you know more about it. Celebrating the day by learning all the details about its formation, history, background, consequences, etc. would be one of the best options. People like to observe the day involving in different activities such as participating in a seminar or rally, hosting awareness programs, sharing their thoughts on social media, etc.

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United Nations Day Quotes

“In the time that we’re here today, more women and children will die violently in the Darfur region than in Iraq, Afghanistan, Palestine, Israel or Lebanon. So, after September 30, you won’t need the UN – you will simply need men with shovels and bleached white linen and headstones.”

― George Clooney

“Arabs and other Muslims generally agreed that Saddam Hussein might be a bloody tyrant, but, paralleling FDR’s thinking, “he is our bloody tyrant.” In their view, the invasion was a family affair to be settled within the family and those who intervened in the name of some grand theory of international justice were doing so to protect their own selfish interests and to maintain Arab subordination to the west.”

― Samuel P. Huntington, The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order

“I have a dream to make this world a better place to live for our unborn generations and that dream will come true through silent revolution – the revolution of positive actions and positive deliberations. Be a part of that revolution.”

― Amit Ray, Nuclear Weapons Free World Peace on the Earth

“As a Nobel Peace laureate, I, like most people, agonize over the use of force. But when it comes to rescuing an innocent people from tyranny or genocide, I’ve never questioned the justification for resorting to force. That’s why I supported Vietnam’s 1978 invasion of Cambodia, which ended Pol Pot’s regime, and Tanzania’s invasion of Uganda in 1979, to oust Idi Amin. In both cases, those countries acted without U.N. or international approval—and in both cases they were right to do so.”

― Jose Ramos-Horta, A Matter of Principle: Humanitarian Arguments for War in Iraq

“Today, as a result of the policy of Macmillan’s Government, Great Britain presents in the United Nations the face of Pecksniff and in Katanga the face of Gradgrind.”

― Conor Cruise O’Brien

“Whether for good or for bad, the Iran that ultimately rises out of the ashes of last summer’s uprising will be unlike the Iran we know today, and for that we can thank the Green Movement, not another round of useless sanctions.”

― Reza Aslan

Celebrating United Nations Day is really a great initiative to promote world peace and make the world a safer place. The day has a huge contribution to the development of the world.

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