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Vietnam National Day 2023: History, Activities

Every year on September 2, Vietnam celebrates its National Day. The occasion is also known as Vietnam’s Independence Day. Businesses and schools are closed since it is a public holiday in the nation. Vietnamese independence from the French in 1945 is commemorated on this day. The Vietnamese celebrate the National Day of Vietnam by attending speeches, activities, and parades that are planned in cities all throughout the nation. It is a day filled with celebration and joy. A large number of visitors visit the nation on this day to observe and take part in the festivities.

When is Vietnam National Day?

It is customary to observe this holiday on September 2. Vietnam’s declaration of independence from France on this day in 1945 is commemorated on this day. It is Vietnam’s national holiday.

Vietnam National  Day History

Vietnam joined French Indochina in 1887. The Japanese took control of Vietnam during the Second World War. The French didn’t fully go; they still had some influence in Vietnam. In August 1945, as the war came to a conclusion, Vietnam was left without a colonial authority. In order to retake control from the colonists, Viet Minh organized the August Revolution across the nation in response to this vacuum. On August 25, 1945, Emperor Boi abdicated, putting an end to the Nguyn dynasty.

In 1887, Vietnam merged with French Indochina. Vietnam was ruled by the Japanese during the Second World War. The French didn’t completely go; they continued to have some impact on Vietnam. As the war came to an end in August 1945, Vietnam was left without a colonial power. In reaction to this void, Viet Minh planned the August Revolution across the country in an effort to regain authority from the colonists. The Nguyn dynasty was ended by Emperor Boi’s abdication on August 25, 1945.

The Communist Party of Vietnam compiled a list of national holidays after the Vietnam War ended. These additional holidays included Ho Chi Minh’s birthday on May 19, the anniversary of the August Revolution on August 19, the International Labor Day on May 1, and the National Day of Vietnam on September 2. Vietnam’s National Day was extended by one day in 2019 by adding a day either before or after September 2. The nation has a complete public holiday on these days.

Vietnam National Day Activities

Speeches, parades, fireworks displays, and other celebrations mark Vietnam’s national day, with a sizable march taking place at Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi, the site of the country’s Declaration of Independence. This is a particularly patriotic event, with the Vietnamese flag flying high and huge posters of Ho Chi Minh (also known as “Uncle Ho”) covering city walls. Employees who labor on National Day are paid up to 400% more than they would otherwise. Workers who work nights or weekends should be compensated at least 30% more than usual.

Learn about Vietnam’s past.
Knowing the country’s history can help you enjoy Vietnam’s National Day in the best possible way. Over the years, Vietnam has seen several battles, making Vietnamese history a significant component of world history.

Discover Vietnam’s past.
The greatest approach to celebrating Vietnam’s National Day is to be well-versed in the history of the nation. Vietnam has had a number of conflicts over the years, making Vietnamese history an important part of world history.

Enjoy Vietnamese cuisine
Vietnamese cuisine is renowned for its flavorful freshness. Vietnamese restaurants may frequently be found outside of Vietnam. Enjoy some traditional Vietnamese cuisine in honor of Vietnam’s National Day.



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