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World Maths Day 2022 [October 15] Activities

World Maths Day is celebrated all over the world each year with a view to encouraging students worldwide to take a break from the standard day to day math lessons. It’s a day that brings opportunity for them to participate in competitive math-themed games instead and grab the chance to win prizes and scholarships. The day is actually is an online international mathematics competition day that is arranged by educational resource provider 3P Learning.

World Maths Day was first held in 2007 by 3P Learning and from that time, the day has been gaining vast popularity in the world. By participating in online competitive games centered on mental math problems, students around the world observe the day.

World Maths Day 2022 Date

World Maths Day in 2022 is on Friay, October 15. Math is usually a subject that is perceived a little tough by all. On the occasion of this day, students around the globe learn how to give a break to their regular math and make the subject interesting. The competition students take part in is also called Mathletics.

In the table below, some important and interesting facts and details about World Maths Day are mentioned.

World Maths Day

World Maths Day at a Glance

Facts Details
World Maths Day Observance 15th October every year
World Maths Day First Celebrated in 2007
World Maths Day is Actually Online Math Competition Worldwide
Number of Students Participate in the Competition More Than 4 Million Globally

Celebrate World Maths Day

World Maths Day is actually a day that is observed through participating in online math competition by students across the world. According to 3P Learning, online math competition is used by more than 4 million students globally to get better in their math and try to become the best students in the global market. The purpose of this competitive game is aimed towards students aged 4-16 with the view to improving correctness and confidence in arithmetic and problem-solving.

World Maths Day Activities

You can also celebrate the day participating in the mathletics competition to become the best mathlete. If you are a parent, you can celebrate the day by encouraging teachers and school supervisors to explore the Mathletics program.

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Final Verdict

World Maths Day plays an important role to make the subject interesting for students who think math is a boring subject. Get the best out of the World Maths Day competition and celebrate it in style.

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