Bangladesh Victory Day- 16th December Victory Day

Bangladesh Victory Day is one of the greatest days for every people in Bangladesh. The nation is going to celebrate its 49th Victory Day this year with great enthusiasm. The victory for Bangladeshi people came after sacrificing a lot of blood and lives from the Pakistani occupation forces after a nine-month-long bloodstained war. Bangladesh was born as an independent country under the leadership of the Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

When is Bangladesh Victory Day?

Bangladesh Victory Day is on 16th December. The day is known as ‘Bijoy Dibos’ in Bengali and always celebrated on 16th December with a view to showing respect to our freedom fighters and spreading the joy of victory all over the country. Independence of Bangladesh costs the lives of three million people and the honor of nearly half a million women. The country got its independence forty-eight years ago on 16th December 1971.

Bangladesh Victory Day

16th December Victory Day

Some important facts and details of Bangladesh Victory Day are presented in the table below.

Facts Details
Bangladesh Victory Day Observance 16th December every year
Bangladesh Victory Day in this year marks 49th Victory Day
Bangladesh got Victory from Pakistan
Bangladesh Victory Day costs The lives of three million people and the honor of nearly half a million women.
Bangladesh got Victory under the leadership of The Father of the Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman
Bangladesh got its Victory in 1971

Celebrate Bangladesh Victory Day

Bangladesh Victory Day is the national holiday in Bangladesh. The day starts with new hope with the 31-gun salute every year. People of all ages and professions across the country comes out and gather together to celebrate the day. Different public and private organizations, socio-political, educational and cultural institutions, and individuals arrange a series of events, seminars, programs, discussion sessions, etc. to celebrate the nation’s glorious victory.

Celebrate Bangladesh Victory Day

Actually, on the victory day of Bangladesh, people remain busy in different celebration activities. Many of them participate in different social works and take initiative for the betterment of the society and country. People also engage themselves on different social media by posting their feelings and thoughts. Different competitions and award-giving ceremonies are also held on the occasion of this day. The government also observes the day every year with different national-level programs.

Bangladesh Victory Day Wishes

Many of you look for the wishes to celebrate the victory day. Below are some of the best wishes for you on the occasion of Bangladesh Victory Day.

Victory Day Wishes

  • 16th December is the pride and also a red-letter day for Bangladeshi people. It’s a day to celebrate and have fun. Happy Bangladesh Victory Day!!
  • Fight for independence is the biggest fight for the people of a nation. We throw a grand salute to the brave army and the people of Bangladesh. Happy Bangladesh Victory Day!!
  • Bangladesh Victory Day is a great symbol of the enormous victory of good against vice! Celebrate the freedom of an independent country. Happy Bangladesh Victory Day!!

Final Verdict

On the occasion of the Bangladesh Victory Day, the national flag is flown across the country with a festive mood. Important buildings, establishments, and roads are decorated with miniature national flags and bunting. Special prayers are offered in mosques and other places of worship for the souls of martyrs and for peace, progress, and prosperity of the country.

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