Victory Day SMS, Quotes Bangladesh | Bijoy Dibosh Picture, Status (16th December)

Victory Day SMS Bangladesh | Bijoy Dibosh Picture, Status (16th December). Wishing people on different occasions is a tradition in most places. It enhances the bonding among people whether it is inside their community, family or elsewhere. SMS is an amazing way of spreading thoughts and vibes to people.

It can help you to get closer to people. Sharing the joy on any occasion with loved ones multiplies happiness. It has been popular recently after the revolution in mobile technology among the young generation to wish each other through SMS. So, victory day sms can be a great way to convey your wishes to your friends and families on this glorious Victory day Bangladesh.

Victory Day photo

Victory Day SMS Bangladesh

  • Open all the windows, I will sing, will sing the song of victory. They will come in silence who has given their lives loving this country. Happy wishes for Victory Day to everyone.
  • Today is 16 December. Mohan Bijoy Dibosh. We got our motherland Bangladesh after 9 months of bloody war and 3 million of sacrificed lives on this day in 1971. Shuvo Bijoy Dibosh.
  • Love in the red, friendship in the white, pain in the blue, dark in the black and in the green is my Bangladesh. Many many wishes for Happy Victory Day to everyone.
  • The victory has guided me the way, has given the hope to live. I sing the song of victory; I want independence. I want to cross the road holding the victory flag. Wishes on happy Victory Day .
  • Dream starts in you, ends in you. Yet you are loving, o my Bangladesh. Happy Victory Day Bangladesh.
  • O my lovely motherland, you are the place where I born; you are the place where I want to take the last breath. You are and always will be in my blood. Happy Victory Day to everyone.

Bijoy Dibosh Status

Bijoy Dibosh Status

  • 16 December, you are the pride of this Bangali nation. You are the victory sign of millions, you are the signature of independence. Happy Victory Day on 16 December.
  • Let the joy of Mohan Victory Day spread among all. Victory means freedom, victory means the lovely motherland Bangladesh. Happy Victory Day.
  • We are remembering them with great honor by whose sacrifice we have got our independence. Happy wishes for Bijoy Dibosh to everyone.
Bijoy Dibosh Picture
Bijoy Dibosh Picture

Bijoy Dibosh Picture (16th December)

Victory Day is celebrated as a special day in Bangladesh all over the country. Every day on the 16th of December is celebrated specially in Bangladesh. In a notification issued on January 22, 1972, the day was celebrated as National Day in Bangladesh and the holiday was officially declared.

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Victory Day image

I just love this wallpaper. I found it on Facebook. Someone shared it a few years ago. I downloaded and kept on my computer. Today I got the perfect time to upload it on the internet.

Bijoy Dibosh wallpaper

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Victory Day Quotes Bangladesh

  • I wish you all a safe and happy Victory Day 2022  celebration.
  • Have a safe and enjoyable Independence Day 2022!
  • Keep enjoying freedom to its fullest! Happy Victory Day 2022!
  • I hope this  Victory Day 2022 brings you happiness and hope!
  • Here’s to our blessed and glorious free nation!
  • Your contribution to moving the country forward is very important. We need to be mindful of how our actions and inactions affect other people’s wellbeing. Have a fun-filled celebration!
  • Let us be mindful of everything we can do for our nation to make it a place of wealth, peace, and happiness. Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and happy Victory Day 2022!
  • Here’s to the future full of understanding, appreciation, and gratitude. Happy Independence Day!
    Today let us take some time to value our nation and never forget the sacrifices from those who gave us freedom. Happy Independence Day!
  • Freedom is something that money can’t buy, it’s the result of the struggles of many Braveheart’s. Let us honor them today and always.
  • It makes my heart beat with pride, to see the colors of Independence Day spreading happiness and great joys all around. May the glory of Independence Day be with your forever

    Let us take pride in celebrating Independence Day as we are a country of brave men who gave their lives for the freedom of our nation and brought glory to us with their sacrifices. Happy Victory Day 2022!

    Your contribution to moving the country forward is very important. We need to be mindful of how our actions and inactions affect other people’s wellbeing. Have a fun-filled celebration! Happy Victory Day 2022!

    Let us be mindful of everything we can do for our nation to make it a place of wealth, peace, and happiness. Here’s wishing you and your family a safe and Happy Victory Day 2022!

    Again, it is time for us to show other nations that we are great people from a great nation. Let’s continue to work toward the prosperity and betterment of our dear country. Have a wonderful Happy Victory Day 2022!

    Trailing the colors of the national flag… Orange, White, and Green… let’s stand together for unity, prosperity, and peace. Happy Victory Day 2022!

    Victory day of Bangladesh is part of the collective memory of the country. The greatest battle fought and won by the nation and its people.

Victory Day picture

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Is Bangladesh’s Independence Day 16th December!!

No, it’s a common mistake that BD people always do. The independence day of Bangladesh is on 26th March. Victory of Bangladesh is on 16 December. Many students in recent especially GPA 5 Holders and Some University Students do this Common mistake.

  • When is Victory Day of Bangladesh?

    Bangladesh independence from Pakistan on 16 December 1971. So, December 16 is the Victory Day of Bangladesh.

  • How 16th December is Celebrated?

    People of Bangladesh Celebrate this day with great joy. This day (16th December) is a public holiday for bangladeshi.

  • How many years of victory did Bangladesh have?

    It is 51 years of having victory of Bangladesh.

  • How did Bangladesh gain independence from Pakistan?

    After a long 9 month liberation war Bangladesh gain independence from Pakistan

  • Who ruled Bangladesh before independence?

    Before Pakistan, East India company ruled over Bangladesh

  • Which country Recognized Bangladesh first?

    India at first recognized Bangladesh as an independent country.

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