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Kenya Independence Day 2022 Happy Independence Day Kenya

Kenya Independence Day is one of the most important national days in Kenya. The day symbolizes their unity and brings new hope to further improvement of the people of their nation. Kenya is an East African nation that is officially known as the Republic of Kenya. The country gained its independence from the British rule after going through several movements. The day is very much significant to every citizen of Kenya because of 2 important occasions. One is the Jamhuri day and another one is it became a republic of Kenya.

Kenya Independence Day Date

Happy Independence Day Kenya is on 12th December and the whole nation is very proud of their independence. Kenya got its independence on December 12, 1963, from Great Britain. Before their independence, Kenya was a British colony under British colonial rule from 1920 to 1963. In the following year after their independence, Kenya became a member of the commonwealth in 1964. The independence of Kenya is a great moment for the whole nation. Kenya Independence Day is also known as Jamhuri Day.

Happy Independence Day Kenya

Happy Independence Day Kenya

Some important facts and details about Kenya Independence Day are mentioned in the table below.

Facts Details
Kenya Independence Day Observance 12th December every year
Kenya Independence Day is also known as Jamhuri Day
Kenya got its Independence in 1963
Kenya got its Independence from Great Britain
The name of the president of Kenya at that time Jomo Kenyatta
Kenya became a republic and the member of the Commonwealth in 1964
Purpose of Kenya Independence Day Observance To show their unity and pride and celebrate the joy of freedom.

 Kenya Independence Day Celebrations

Kenya Independence Day is celebrated all over the country with great joy and pride. Kenyans are very much proud of their independence and observe the day in different activities. On the occasion of this day, the president of Kenya goes together with defense forces and government dignitaries to give a speech to the nation at Nyayo Stadium of Nairobi. People of Kenya set their colorful flag in different public and private buildings, houses, organizations, and almost everywhere in the country.

Kenya Independence Day Celebrations
Kenya Independence Day Celebrations

The day is also observed through various cultural festivals that show Kenya’s individual cultural characteristics and identity. Government bodies, public and private organizations, business organizations, educational institutions, and individuals from all levels arrange different seminars, discussions, events, and programs on this day to celebrate Kenya Independence Day nationwide.

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Happy Kenya Independence Day Wishes

Here are some of the Kenya Independence Day Wishes for you to make your day memorable.

  1. “When you have freedom, you don’t need anything. Be happy forever. Happy Kenya Independence Day to you!!
  2. “If you’re hesitant to die for freedom, remove the word forever from your dictionary.” Wishing you Happy Kenya Independence Day!!
  3. “Our freedom makes us happy and keeps us unite.” Happy Kenya Independence Day!!

Kenya Independence Day Wishes

Kenya Independence Day makes the nation proud and unites. People come together for the betterment of their country and take the oath to die for the country.

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