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National Day of Myanmar 21 November | 99th Myanmar National Day 2022

Myanmar National Day is a public holiday which is observed to commemorate the commencement of the protest by students against the British rule in 1920. In 1920, students protested against British rule that drove to independence and celebrated as the Myanmar National Day.

About Myanmar National Day

The British captured Myanmar (Burma) in 1886. After years of their colonial ruling, a group of students first called strike against their rule at Rangoon (now called Yangon) University in 1920. That day was the 10th day after the first full moon of the month Tazaungmon according to the Burmese Lunar calendar and now celebrated as the Myanmar National Day.

Myanmar National Day Date

Myanmar National Day date is on 21 November this year. Myanmar National Day date changes every year as it is not as per the solar calendar. It is more convenient to say the Myanmar National Day is the 10th day following the first full moon of Tazaungmon as per the Burmese calendar.

Myanmar National Day Activities

Here are some Myanmar National Day activities to mention.

  • Though it is a public holiday in Myanmar, it is not vastly celebrated as an occasion.
  • This day is more important for protesters who still think that ruling military govt is acting like the previous British colonial system.
  • Discussions, protests are commonly arranged activities on this day.

myanmar flag

How People Celebrate Myanmar National Day?

As it is said, it is not an occasion for public happiness. It is more of a political occasion who are aware of what they have gone through to come to date. Politically aware people, students, monks arrange rally or protests on this day.

It is often uttered from the protests that the current military power should be changed. As recently free elections have been scheduled in Myanmar, it is expected that the current situation will change. There is also a tone of revolts that is common on this day.

Myanmar National Day Facts

  • This year, Myanmar National Day is on 21 November.
  • It is not the same day every year. It changes according to the lunar calendar and falls on the 10th day after the first full moon of Tazaungmon, the 8th month of the lunar calendar.
  • Students started protesting against the then British rule on this date in 1920.
  • It is not the Independence Day of Myanmar. Independence Day is observed on 4 January every year.

99th Myanmar National Day 2022 Picture

Myanmar National Day 2022 Picture

Sagaing region Myanmar
Sagaing region of Myanmar flag

Just before a century of the students’ protest, it is the high time for Myanmar to raise their voice to have a stable, free, and fair govt, for what they have fought. Cordial wishes for the Burmese people across the world on this Myanmar National Day.

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