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National Elephant Appreciation Day Date, History, Activities & Trivia

National Elephant Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on September 22. It is the day when people around the world come together to celebrate elephants. It represents a great way to recognize and appreciate the work of these amazing animals. The purpose of today’s article is to explain the date, history, and trivia about Elephant Appreciation Day.

National Elephant Appreciation Day date

Date Year Day
September 22 2024 Thursday
September 22 2023 Friday
September 22 2022 Sunday

National Elephant Appreciation Day History

The National Elephant Appreciation Day was first observed in 1996 and had a long history. Wayne Hepburn, the founder of Mission Media Inc., created the holiday. His obsession with elephants began after receiving a present from his daughter; thus, he remembered this day once. The gift was an elephant paperweight on parade, which captivated him and interested him in the world’s largest mammal species.

He started reading many books about elephants and other related material, which piqued his interest in commemorating such a day. Spend some time admiring these adorable creatures. Elephants vary from other animals in a number of fascinating ways. Besides, the family Elephantidae includes the enormous mammals known as elephants. They are widespread in South Asia, Southeast Asia, and sub-Saharan Africa.

How to observe elephant appreciation day

To observe elephant appreciation day, people should wear green colored clothes and don’t eat any animal products. We can do this by changing our mindsets to think of the elephant as something special that we should appreciate and respect.

It is not just an animal that we might have to kill. It is time for us to fall in love with our fellow man and do more for them. In order to celebrate elephant appreciation day, people should donate $5 or $25 on their phone bills towards brucellosis research at various universities.

Trivia about Elephant Appreciation Day

  • Elephants don’t forget anything. Actually, this is due to the size of their hippocampus, the area of the brain where memories are kept.
  • Did you know that, among land animals, elephants have the greatest brains in terms of mass? Elephants’ brains are just 35% of their full size at birth, which means they have a vast capacity for learning as they grow and mature.
  • With such large brains, elephants must be extremely clever and gregarious creatures. They may easily establish close relationships with other species and with one another because they speak their own language.
  • The purpose of World Elephant Day, which is observed on August 12, is to raise public awareness of the situation of African and Asian elephants worldwide.
  • They require roughly a year to learn how to use the 40,000 muscles and tendons in their trunks. Despite nursing, a juvenile elephant’s trunk would still resemble a worm on a hook, according to Adam Stone, director of the elephant husbandry at the Tennessee-based Elephant Sanctuary. They’ll fall over it because it’s so complicated.


Moreover, Elephants are one of the most important animals in India. They are a symbol of strength, courage, and endurance. People all over the world have been enthusiastic about them for a long time.


What is the famous elephant breed?

Karnataka is famous for its elephant breeds. A few of the most common types are the Kolhapuri, Chitrakoot, Mallasi, Nemani, and Katni breeds. However, others like Nandi and Panna have been extinct for some time now. But many more elephants in the world are still roaming around their villages or kingdom.

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