National Zoo Lovers Day Quotes, Messages, Wishes 

National Zoo Lovers Day is observed on April 8 every year. The purpose of National Zoo Lovers Day is to draw attention to the resilience of the natural world’s endangered species. Promote the national holiday day widely to ensure a successful celebration. Don’t you enjoy sharing wishes, messages, and quotes to spread awareness? The number of statements, notes, and well wishes for National Zoo Lovers Day might surprise you. Discover the amazing national zoo lovers day quotes, messages, wishes. Here you go –

National Zoo Lovers Day Quotes

‘It was wrong to capture wild animals and confine them in captivity for people to go and gawk at them. And that’s basically how zoos got started. But once you do that, and once you have animals that have been bred in captivity, you’re really stuck with them in some sense. You can’t return them to the wild.’- Peter Singer

‘For a time, I believed not in God nor Santa Claus, but in mermaids. They seemed as logical and possible to me as the brittle twig of a seahorse in the zoo aquarium or the skates lugged up on the lines of cursing Sunday fishermen – skates the shape of old pillowslips with the full, coy lips of women.’- Sylvia Plath

‘Zoos are becoming facsimiles – or perhaps caricatures – of how animals once were in their natural habitat. If the right policies toward nature were pursued, we would need no zoos at all. Michael J. Fox If I could adopt any zoo animal, it would be a giraffe. I have always loved giraffes. They are so graceful and beautiful to watch.’- Torrey DeVitto

‘Zoos should concentrate more on the preservation side of things.’-Gerald Durrell 

‘I love animals, and I was always attracted to the idea of being a zoo veterinarian or a veterinarian with the circus.’- Kay Redfield Jamison

‘The goal of reanimation research is not to make perfect living copies of extinct organisms, nor is it meant to be a one-off stunt in a laboratory or zoo. Reanimation is about leveraging the best of ancient and synthetic DNA.’-George M. Church

‘Tiger King.’ They are absolutely gone with the fairies, they’re all absolutely raving out of the box, the lot of them. All those people with animals like tigers, who’ve got their own zoos in America, and one guy’s got something like 2,000 tigers in his back garden. It’s absolutely mad.’- Shaun Ryder

‘We’re in Jurassic Park territory. If we go to the zoo in the future, we’ll have zoos for extinct animals. Michio Kaku My parents used to take me to the pet department and tell me it was a zoo.’-Billy Connolly.

‘I had been a student in Vienna, and one of the neat little things I had found out was about that zoo. It was a good debut novel for me to have published. I was 26 or 27 when it was published. I already had a kid and would soon have a second.’-John Irving 

‘People go to the zoo and they like lions because it’s scary. And the bear because it’s intense, but the monkey makes people laugh.’- Lorne Michaels

National Zoo Lovers Day Messages

Celebrate National Zoo Lovers Day with others. Send them your messages about zoo day on this day.

Happy National Zoo Lovers Day to you and your family. Celebrate the day with much excitement and take your children to nearby zoos.

On National Zoo Lovers Day, try to learn about endangered animals and how they are treated in zoos.


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