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Nobel Prize Day (10 December) History, Significance, Fields

The Nobel Prize Day is celebrated on December 10 every year. It recognizes the magnificent Nobel Prize which is given for the best of humankind. In the course of history there has been many ups and downs. History has seen many heroes and villains altogether. It’s seen many inventions of which some were useful and some brought destruction.

Nobel Prize History

The origin and history of Nobel Prize is much interesting. It’s a great work for humanity. This prize plays a vital role as motivation and inspiration for the welfare of humankind.

There is hardly anybody who hasn’t heard about Sir Alfred Berhnard Nobel, The man who invited Dynamite. Sir Alfred Berhnard Nobel was born to a impoverished swedish family. His father was an engineer. He was born at Stockholm, Sweden. He has a very sophisticated ancestry of the great swedish scientist, writer and inventor Oluof.

At a very young age he showed interest in engineering and especially in explosives. That led him to study with explosives and nitro glycerin.  His much effort and years’ hard work brought about an astounding result through the invention of Dynamite in 1867. But before that he had to go under many futile experiments and a huge loss. He had to lose one of his brothers for those experiments.

Nevertheless, his invention of dynamite opened new doors to the mining industry. It had made the mining much more easier. Because mining needed explosions and before the invention of dynamite there were no perfect explosion which could make huge damage with efficiency.  This invention brought him fame and financial solvency.

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How Did It All Started?

After getting success in the dynamite business he made huge money. Later, he focused on war business. Started producing ammunition and arms for war. He becam very popular with his ammunition business and arms business. But along with that he became a villain in many people’s eyes. Even he himself was very moved and touched with the destruction of dynamite. A french journalist portrayed him as a negative figure and this made him think about something great. Later, he thought to spend all his money for the mankind.

Origin of Nobel Prize

After being criticized for his negative role in ammunition and arms business he gave his life a second thought. In his last days Alfred made a will in 1895. His last will tells that all his money should be spent on humankind and made a trust with his assets. It decides that with all the money he gains from the businesses he established,  the best work and contribution of mankind will be awarded every year. Thats how the Nobel Prize system started. It all began in 1901for the very first time. That year Redcross society was awarded for the peace prize.

Fields Considered for Nobel Prize

At first, the contribution to only five fields were considered for the Nobel Prize i.e. Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Literature and Peace. In 1968, economics was added to the Nobel Prize consideration.

  • The First Batch of Awardees
  • Sully Prudhome got the first Nobel Prize for literature.
  • Wilhelm Roentgen for his contribution in Physics.
  • Emil Von Behring for his contribution in Medicine or pHysiology
  • Jacobus Henricas Van’t Hott for his contribution to Chemistry.
  • And of Course the First Nobel Peace Prize was shared between
  • Sir Jean Henry Dunant (Red Cross Society) and Frederic Passy (international peace conferences, arbitration)

The Nobel Prize is given every year for the greatest contribution of humankind in six particular fields. The economics was the latest addition to the subject of Nobel Prize. There is a committee that decides the awardees. The Prize money of Nobel Prize is, A gold medal, a diploma, and a monetary award of 10 million SEK, approx. US$1,145,000 as of 2022.

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