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Notting Hill Carnival Day 2024: Quote, Celebration, Messages And Greetings

To improve racial relations, the British West Indian community celebrates Notting Hill Carnival every year on August 28 in West London. Recently it has become one of the biggest street festivals in Europe. The carnival arranges a procession where performers participate in elegant floats and colorful dresses. To get into the spirit of the Caribbean, eat some peas and rice and other delicacies and be all the way live at the Notting Hill Carnival. You can give yourself over to those wonderful West Indian sensations! Let’s go learn A to Z of the day.

Historical Background of Notting Hill Carnival

The Notting Hill Carnival was first introduced after people’s migration from the Caribbean in 1948. Initially, it was known as the Trinidad Carnival. In 1966 this transformed and was first celebrated as Notting Hill Carnival. Its first celebration there were about 500 people participated. Gradually the carnival becomes more popular. The popularity of the carnival continues to grow every year.

Today, about 50,000 performers perform in the parade. There nearly 30 sound systems are used. More than one million people from several places around the world participate.  From this large carnival, the government earns a big amount of revenue.  Because of the pandemic situation, in 2024, the Notting Hill Carnival was entirely virtual for the first time.

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People of London see the biggest street party with music, colors, and flavors. Many performers in colorful costumes entertain the entire weekend. There is a tradition of decorated floats and participants dance to the live sound of music. People also enjoy many delicious foods. Everything is arranged according to the Caribbean traditions to celebrate the day.


The Numbers Related To Notting Hill Carnival

2 million – the estimated number of attendees at the Notting Hill Carnival every year.
40,000 – the number of volunteers at the carnival every year.
11 – the number of Glastonbury festivals that a single Notting Hill Carnival is equivalent to.
2nd – the ranking of the Notting Hill Carnival as the largest carnival in the world.
£93 million – the contribution of the carnival to London’s economy.
20% – the percentage of attendees that are tourists.
30 – the number of sound systems at the carnival.
10 – the number of steel pan bands at the carnival every year.
15,000 – the number of costumes created for the carnival every year.
30 million – the number of sequins it takes to make and decorate all the costumes.

Notting Hill Carnival Activities and Celebration

Cook a Caribbean dish

Caribbean food is very delicious. To celebrate this day you can cook any Caribbean food item to celebrate the day.

Listen to Caribbean music

Many young men listen to Caribbean music as they are really fond of music. They observe this day by listening to any Caribbean song.

Visit a program at the Notting Hill Carnival

Over the two-day festival, there are a variety of different activities and programs going on.  So many people want to observe this day by watching the parade, check out the music competition, or listen to a Caribbean history lesson arranged for this day.



The Caribbean!

Not the only Caribbean is known to all for its beautiful landscape but also for its food, dancing, music, and of course, the warm, West Indian people!


Some of the most interesting features of the festival are the colorful, feathery costumes that people wear. Blues, greens, yellows, and pinks can be seen for blocks as dancers make their way through the parade.


Arranging a party is very common among the people to celebrate the day. Family members, friends, and other nearest and dearest persons gather together to participate and celebrate the party.

Notting Hill Carnival: Quote, Messages And Greetings

The Social Media platform is a strong media to spread anything to the whole world. Many people who want to observe the day upload the day-related posts, photos or send greetings or messages among their community. There are a collection of Messages and Greetings that you can share.

Notting Hill Carnival Day Messages

-All street festivals are fun but Notting Hill Carnival is just the best of all!

-All street festivals are filled with music, dance, and food but  Notting Hill Carnival is all those things in a much larger volume!

-We are very proud to show off our Caribbean culture and  Notting Hill Carnival is one of our very best!

-A striking feature of  Notting Hill Carnival is its vibrance and energy, it surely makes the tourists and other participants very happy.

-The vibrance, color, and energy of   Notting Hill Carnival are breathtaking and it is strong enough to make anybody happy!

-Music, food, drinks, dancing on the streets, colorful costumes, bright colors of the wigs are all very distinctive features of this great   Notting Hill Carnival!

–  Notting Hill Carnival is a show of the Caribbean culture and from this festival, we realize how rich and fun the  Caribbean culture is!

-It is time to prepare for   Notting Hill Carnival and the preparation for it is almost as much fun as the festival itself!

-Beware of Notting Hill Carnival, it is so bright that you may become blind and it is so fun that you may not want to go back to your daily life after this!

-Notting Hill Carnival may be just a street festival but it sure is a magical experience!

-The brighter your costumes are, the more fun you are bound to have at Notting Hill Carnival!

-Your life may be colorless but you can always borrow some color from the famous Notting Hill Carnival!



-Here’s to wishing everybody a very enjoyable   Notting Hill Carnival!

-May you enjoy   Notting Hill Carnival a lot and may your family does too!

-May this year’s Notting Hill Carnival be even more fun than last year’s!

-Here’s to wishing that everyone is excited and that everyone has a wonderful time at Notting Hill Carnival!

-Wish you and your friends have a very happy time at this year’s Notting Hill Carnival!

-All my best wishes are to you and everyone else who is working hard to make this year’s Notting Hill Carnival a bigger success!

-Hey everyone, we wish that you and your family have a wonderful time at Notting Hill Carnival!


Really this Notting Hill Carnival Day is a day that reminds us about our tradition and cultural origin. People always try to pride in their own traditions.

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