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World NGO Day History, Dates, Facts & Details 

World NGO Day is a significant opportunity to celebrate the work of NGOs and raise awareness of their impact on communities around the world. If you are an NGO, we encourage you to participate in this year’s World NGO day celebration. 

You can get more information in this article. Thank you for your work in making the world a better place!

World NGO day history

World NGO Day is a celebration created to commemorate and appreciate the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) all over the world. The inaugural NGO day was held on December 12, 2005. 

This type of event was organized by the United Nations Non-Governmental Liaison Service (UN-NGLS) in partnership with civil society organizations. This day allows NGOs to showcase their work to the public and promote their causes. 

How to observe world NGO day

World NGO Day is a global observance that celebrates the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs). It was established in 2002 by the United Nations General Assembly. This day provides an opportunity for NGOs to raise awareness of their work and to mobilize support from governments, multilateral organizations, the private sector, and civil society.

There are many ways to observe NGO day:-

  • NGOs can organize events and activities to raise awareness of their work and their impact on communities around the world.
  • They can also call on policymakers to recognize the vital role NGOs play in developing & humanitarian assistance.
  • Governments and multilateral organizations can express their support for NGOs by hosting special events or issuing statements recognizing their work. 
  • The private sector can also contribute to NGO day by supporting NGOs through funding or in-kind donations.
  • Moreover, Civil society can play an important role in NGO day by raising awareness of the work done by NGOs and urging their local governments to support them. 
  • Individuals can also show their support for NGOs by volunteering their time or donating to their favourite charity.
  • By organizing events and activities, raising awareness among policymakers, and mobilizing support from the private sector and civil society, NGOs can significantly contribute to the world.

Why is NGO day important? 

The World NGO day also serves as a platform for networking and exchanging best practices among NGOs. This event is open to all NGOs, regardless of size or scope.

It is a testament to NGOs’ important role in making the world a better place. The celebration of NGO day appreciates the work of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) worldwide.

World NGO day dates

NGO Day is held every year on February 27. So far, this holiday has been celebrated in more than 100 countries. Every year, the celebration gets better and bigger.

Which Countries Celebrate the World NGO Day?

First, from Australia to South & North America and New Zealand celebrate NGO Day every year. These countries and governments & international leaders, private sectors, bilateral & multi-organizations, teachers, NGO sector supporters, learners also celebrate the world NGO.

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