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World Social Work day History, Dates, Importance and celebration

World Social Work day recognizes the diligence and hard work of social workers who serve many roles in our society. The day is celebrated annually on the 3rd Tuesday of March to commemorate the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights adoption. 

History of World Social Work Day

World Social Work day was founded by the International Federation of Social Workers (IFSW) in 1983. In other words, Jack A. Kamaiko founded this day Because he was an IFSW representative at that time and proposed in UN headquarters in New York. 

After that, other largest social working organizations, for example, NASW (National Association of Social Workers), also promotes this day. World Social Work Day is also an opportunity to recognize the work of social workers and celebrate their contributions to society.

World Social Work day Dates

Year Date
2025 March 18
2024 March 19 
2023 March 21
2022 March 15

The theme of the social work day 

This year, World Social Work day will be commemorated on March 15 with the theme “Leaving No One Behind”. This theme aims to highlight how social workers are change agents in their communities. This holiday is an important day for social workers and the communities they serve. It is a day to celebrate the profession and its contributions to society.

How to observe social work day? 

  • First, you can shout out to the social workers in the community.
  • Those who are social workers can share your experience.
  • Encourage future social workers and Attend job fairs as well.
  • Besides, those who are interested in becoming social workers can learn and know more about their educational path.
  • See for more information.
  • Moreover, you can use # WSWD in all your social media posts throughout the social work day.

Can we call March is a social work month?

We can call it March Social Work Month because the first National Social Work Month was also celebrated in March 1963. So, every March, we respect the dedication of social workers every March by celebrating the day. They provide various services to adults and children in need.

Which country is best for social workers?

As everyone knows, the UK is one of the best places for pursuing a master’s degree in social work. They provide well developed social work degrees because these workers have high demand on the job market in Britain. Moreover, Russian, Vietnamese And American social workers also get outstanding payments.

What is the purpose of Social Work Day?

The purpose of World Social Work Day is to promote social works and raise awareness about the profession’s impact on societies around the world.

What are the examples of social work jobs?

A few examples of social work jobs are given below

  • School counsellors
  • Direct care workers,
  • Child welfare specialists,
  • Family advocates and others.

So let us all take a moment on World Social Work Day to appreciate the work of social workers globally and their dedication to making a difference and memorable day.

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