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World Food Day 2024 Images, Poems

The celebration of World Food Day remains incomplete with World Food Day images. You all know that World Food Day is celebrated on the 16th of October every year with huge participation. Almost all the countries in the world organize different events, parties, functions, seminars, and programs to celebrate the day. People also personally feel interested to observe this day and get involved in many events willingly.

World Food Day Images

Because of that, many look for images to send to others or share on social media. So we have come up with some of the best and unique image collections that you can download by clicking on the link here.

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World Food Day Date
World Food Day 16 October

World Food Day Image

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world food day poster

world food day drawing

World Food Day 2024 Poems


Inviting a Friend to Supper

Tonight, grave sir, both my poor house, and I

Do equally desire your company;

Not that we think us worthy such a guest,

But that your worth will dignify our feast

With those that come, whose grace may make that seem

Something, which else could hope for no esteem.

It is the fair acceptance, sir, creates

The entertainment perfect, not the cates.

Yet shall you have, to rectify your palate,

An olive, capers, or some better salad

Ushering the mutton; with a short-legged hen,

If we can get her, full of eggs, and then

Lemons, and wine for sauce; to these a cony

Is not to be despaired of, for our money;

And, though fowl now be scarce, yet there are clerks,

The sky not falling, think we may have larks.

I’ll tell you of more, and lie, so you will come:

Of partridge, pheasant, woodcock, of which some

May yet be there, and godwit, if we can;

Knat, rail, and ruff too. Howsoe’er, my man

Shall read a piece of Virgil, Tacitus,

Livy, or of some better book to us,

Of which we’ll speak our minds, amidst our meat;

And I’ll profess no verses to repeat.

To this, if ought appear which I not know of,

That will the pastry, not my paper, show of.

Digestive cheese and fruit there sure will be;

But that which most doth take my Muse and me,

Is a pure cup of rich Canary wine,

Which is the Mermaid’s now, but shall be mine;

Of which had Horace, or Anacreon tasted,

Their lives, as so their lines, till now had lasted.

Tobacco, nectar, or the Thespian spring,

Are all but Luther’s beer to this I sing.

Of this we will sup free, but moderately,

And we will have no Pooley, or Parrot by,

Nor shall our cups make any guilty men;

But, at our parting we will be as when

We innocently met. No simple word

That shall be uttered at our mirthful board,

Shall make us sad next morning or affright

The liberty that we’ll enjoy tonight.

By Ben Jonson

world food day wallpaper


We all enjoy delicious food,

Makes us happy, fixes our mood.

It’s all about the juicy taste,

Doesn’t matter, where the food is placed.

world food day Photos
world food day Photos

We should consider, nutritional support,

We shall need it, if we engage in a sport.

Energy; food provides – plenty

Need a bit more, if we’re over twenty.

A great dish, we should all savor,

Eat slowly, as we taste the flavor.

Choose our very favorite cuisine,

Is it red? Or is it green?

By unknown

World Food Day Poems


Fame is a fickle food

Upon a shifting plate

Whose table once a

Guest but not

The second time is set.

Whose crumbs the crows inspect

And with ironic caw

Flap past it to the Farmer’s Corn–

Men eat of it and die.

By Emily Dickinson

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