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Chilean Independence Day (18 September 2024) history, activities

Chile Independence Day 2024 : The celebration of Fiestas Patrias is an expression of Chilean culture. Traditional activities associated with the Dieciocho include Chilean rodeo, dancing the cueca, going to fondas, and barbecue.

An extensive and almost “endless super holiday” arrives for the celebrations of National Holidays this year, where Chilean families will have several days to celebrate this date as they see fit.

If we review the calendar, this 2024 “18” will have a long weekend of five days that will begin on Wednesday 18 and end on Sunday 22, with the typical celebrations of our country that, no doubt, will have chicha, empanadas and what most traditional of Chile.

Why all these days are Chile holidays?

  • September 18: National  Holidays
  • September 19:  Glories of the Army
  • September 20:  This day itself is not a holiday, but by law “in each calendar year that September 18 and 19 are Tuesday and Wednesday, respectively, or Wednesday or Thursday, respectively, it is holiday on Monday 17 or on Friday 20th of that month, as the case may be ”.
  • September 21:  Saturday
  • September 22:  Sunday

It should be noted that days 18 and 19 are essential holidays , so trade closes its doors to the public.

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Chilean Independence Day 2024

Within Chile the Fiestas Patrias are often referred to as the Dieciocho, or “18th” because the celebration occurs on 18 September. Unofficially, the celebration can last for around a week, depending on when it falls. For example, if the 18th is a Wednesday, public holidays are from Wednesday the 18th to Friday the 20th and celebrations begin the afternoon of Tuesday the 17th and continue until Sunday the 22nd. It is held close to the spring equinox of the Southern Hemisphere so it doubles as a spring festival.

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Independencia De Chile

Independencia De Chile 18 September

Chileans celebrate their independence on the 18th of September. Their road to independence from Spain started on that date in 1810. Although they would have to fight for eight more years to earn their total freedom, Chile celebrates the 18th of 1810 with great fanfare. Chile officially proclaimed independence February 12, 1818.

The 18th, or “dieciocho,” is celebrated during a week full of fiestas patrias. This includes parades, dances, drinking, eating traditional Chilean food, and music.

Fiestas Patrias

Fiestas Patrias

The best day of the year to be a Chilean is on September 18, and one of the best times to visit Chile is right about then, too. Independence Day celebrations arrive in springtime, from September 18 to 19, usually spilling over into the closest weekend, and sometimes lasting the entire week.

The style of food, dance, and costumes are rooted in central Chile’s rural huaso (cowboy) traditions, and on the 18th, everyone is a little bit huaso, from the northernmost reaches of the Atacama Desert and to the southernmost reaches of Patagonia.

Festivities usually include dancing cueca, the national dance that beautifully and saucily interprets the mating rituals of rooster and hen. Traditional games include kite-flying, sack racing, and climbing a greased pole.

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Chileans celebrate the 18th in outdoor carnivals known as fondas where traditional food reigns supreme. Be sure to try Chile’s signature culinary offering, the empanada: a baked pastry filled with beef, onions and cumin along with a hard-boiled egg and an olive. Or, try a delicious anticucho, a kabob-style skewer tracing its roots to the Quechua people in the north.

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