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International Box Day 2024 | Celebrate Box day Wishes, Quotes, Images

Boxes and cats are related in a way like a bee and honey is. Whenever someone utters the word ‘box’ cats come to mind as well. International Box day is such a day that celebrates this sweet relationship between cats and boxes. So this day is basically for you and your loving pet to enjoy together. So now manage to spare some time and get ready to celebrate this day with fun and craziness.

International Box Day Date

International Box day is celebrated every year on the 19th of June. If you love cats and you have cats this day is for you. The purpose is to spend some time together with your loving pet and have fun. On this day people basically celebrate the magnificent pair of boxes and cats. The boxes may be made of cardboard or paper or such materials. Some interesting facts about International Box day are as follows:

  • This day is celebrated by all the people who love cats.
  • There are no rigid rules or regulations to celebrate this day.
  • Cat loving people may have a party together on this day as well.
  • The first paperboard box is made by an English firm M. Treverton & Son.
  • This is not only the cats who love boxes.

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Celebrate International Box day

How to Celebrate International Box day?

There are several ways to celebrate International Box Day. But none of them is a must-do. You may simply start with your cats and boxes. Build a box fortress for your cat. Join your cat in one of the boxes. Invite your cat lover friends over there and have a kitty party together. You may then take photos together. Make this day memorable by several activities.

It is not that you must do all of these. Just make your own type of activities and celebrate this day with your cats and boxes. Celebrating such a day may add more to your joyful life. Besides all these, you will also get a good chance to spend quality time with your pet lover friends.

Why We Love International Box Day

There aren’t enough cat and human holidays

Dogs may get all the credit for being man’s best friend, but we beg to differ — cats make our lives better every day and they deserve a day (or two or seven) to be appreciated for everything they do. Take some extra time today to enjoy some purr time with your feline friend. In addition to a box or two, why not share some catnip?

It’s good for your cat’s brain

Cats thrive on play time. Supplying them with a box to jump around in, play hide and seek and attack activates those brain cells. It’s also doubles as exercise which is good for their figures! A special bonus: it tires them out, making them more likely to sleep when you sleep (well that’s the idea anyway — we can dream, right?)

It gives us an opportunity to think out of the box

International Box Day is a great day to think about creative ways to play with your cat. What unusual games can you come up with to play with your cat today? Surround you and your cat with some boxes and let your imaginations run wild.

International Box day Images

International Box day Wishes, Quotes, Images

*For my best friend, I wish you a happy and wonderful Box Day. I pray to the Lord for showering you with happiness and love always and I hope you are celebrating the beautiful Boxing Day well with loved ones.

*I wish you a happy International Box day and send you much love. I pray to the Almighty to shower choicest best blessings of love and happiness upon you and your family.

*Get prepared to get boxed by the needy with blessings from them as you box them with offerings and purchases. Have a happy International Box day

*Just as the celebrations of Christmas roll over to Boxing Day, may the celebrations of International Box day roll over to New Year’s Eve and all the year through!

Final Thoughts

Cats sleep nearly 16 hours a day. And boxes are the best comfortable place for them to sleep in just like the cozy bedroom you sleep in. International Box day is about this whole relationship among you, your pet, and the cozy boxes. Just share your comfort together on this day and make it memorable for the lifetime.

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