Happy Candy Day November 4 – National Candy Day 2019


National Candy Day is celebrated every year all over the country with great interest to show our gratefulness to this amazing food ‘candy’. Since our childhood, candy has been serving the purpose of our favorite snack as one of the best sweet and sour treats. Candies are such types of things that have been attracting us with their bright colors, heavenly taste, variety of shapes, and delightful flavors for many years.

National Candy Day 2019

National Candy Day in 2019 is on Monday, the 4th of November. No matter which age class we fall under, candy is always our favorite from our childhood. Candies are something that can be considered as the source of our happiness and help to promote a sense of well-being. The day brings a great opportunity for all of us to indulge ourselves in having our favorite candies the whole day and bring back our old and golden childhood memories.

Some important and interesting facts and details about National Candy Day are mentioned below:

Candy Day Facts

Facts Details
National Candy Day Observance 4th November every year
Candy first introduced in India
Candy first came to America in The 18th century
Candy first came to America from France and Britain
The term “candy” is used more and more frequently in The United States than any other place in the world.
By 2010, Americans consumed Almost 25 pounds of candy a year.

Celebrate National Candy Day

People all over the country, as well as the world, keep their sweet teeth ready to celebrate National Candy Day in style. Everyone from every corner of our country tries to spend their day by having candy and make the day great fun. Many throw a candy party and invite their friends and loving ones to make the day very special and really memorable.

People celebrate National Candy Day with the hashtag #NationalCandyDay and wish their friends, families and beloved ones by sending favorite candies and greetings. By joining a candy party or event, you can also make the day very much enjoyable.

Final Verdict

People of all ages and professions love to celebrate National Candy as candies are in the top lists of everyone’s favorite food. As like as the variety of fun sizes and shapes of candies, you can enjoy the day in a variety of interesting and fun activities. It’s the 4th of November and it’s the candy day. Happy National Candy day to all! Have fun!!