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World Speech day History, Dates, Importance and celebration

World Speech day is celebrated on the 15th of March every year. It was established by the founder Simon Gibson in 2004. The day is an opportunity for people worldwide to celebrate the power of words and freedom of expression.

Today we will discuss Speech day’s History, Dates, Importance and celebration are given below.

History of World speech day

Simon Gibson Launched this day in June 2014, as a Speech Day. Though it expresses the power of speeches, the day is connected with a non-profit organization. Gibson is a freelance speechwriter and found speech day based on his previous works. He worked for multiple companies like NatWest, Shell, Toshiba, Ford, Conoco, BP and IBM.

More than one hundred nations participate in this holiday, including speakers’ clubs, universities, cafes, community groups, and schools. World Speech Day comprises hundreds of people who inspire others, especially those who want to live to their full potential through speech.


The date is straight the 15th of March every year on this day. No changes will occur.


  • Prepare a speech & take the stage.

You can prepare a speech on your own thoughts or about a topic you really care about. After that, take the stage to share your thoughts in front of the world. It doesn’t matter how trivial the issue is, as long as you register your opinion.

  • Try to encourage an incredible voice.

We are all full of ideas that could one day change the world, but we don’t dare to do it. Cheer up an unexpected voice, show their confidence courage on speech day and reasons why their voices are important.

  • Join with the global community

Join the world community of thought leaders, inspiring writers, activists and artists on the official site of World Speech Day. Moreover, Get access to lots of events, news, training camps and be part of the global movement as well.

The theme of world speech day

Every year, World Speech day features a different theme. In 2022, the theme is ‘The Power of Words’. Previous themes have included ‘Speak Up, Speak Out’, ‘Free Expression in a Connected World’ and ‘Unleashing the Power of Words’.

What is the purpose of speech day?

The purpose of World Speech day is to promote awareness and encourage debate on the importance of freedom of expression and its corollary, free speech. This day also celebrates the power of words to bring about change.

So why not take some time out on Speech day to think about the power of words? And how you can use your own words to make a difference in the world. Happy World Speech day!


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